Trolls target Queen's first tweet

25 October 2014 1.02pm.

The Queen has been targeted by Twitter trolls after sending her first royal tweet.

Gadgets contest to help disabled

25 October 2014 1.02am.

The Government has launched a Dragons' Den style competition to encourage British entrepreneurs to create gadgets to help disabled people.

Queen sends a royal tweet

24 October 2014 3.46am.

The Queen has passed a technological milestone - sending the first royal tweet under her own name to declare a new Science Museum gallery open.

  • V&A Museum launches William Morris-inspired iPad game Strawberry Thief

    24 October 2014 12.01am.

    V&A at Dundee’s game designer in residence has launch a new app inspired by the work of 19th century designer William Morris.

  • 'Revenge porn' jail terms backed

    23 October 2014 11.01am.

    Jail sentences of up to five years for so-called "revenge porn" offences would send a message to the public that such behaviour is not acceptable and a form of domestic and sexual abuse, Scotland's senior prosecutor has said.

  • Hungary plans tax on internet use

    22 October 2014 6.03pm.

    Hungarian web users, activist groups and opposition parties are rejecting a government plan to impose a heavy tax on internet use from next year.

  • New Ramblers Scotland app is treasure trove of local walks

    22 October 2014 11.54am.

    Keen Scots ramblers have done their bit to encourage people to get out and about in the nation’s countryside by suggesting some of their favourite walking routes.

  • New iPhones ring tills for Apple

    21 October 2014 1.45am.

    The record-breaking launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus means that technology giant Apple has reported net profit of 8.5 billion dollars (£5.3bn) for the final quarter of 2014.

  • YouTube success just a laugh for Dundee’s Mark Thomas

    20 October 2014 11.56am.

    A Dundee man is one of the most successful stars in the city — and you will not even know his name.

  • Dyson launches first humidifier

    20 October 2014 5.45am.

    Dyson has branched out from vacuum cleaners and bladeless fans with the launch of its first humidifier.

  • Twitter adds Tweets to timelines

    17 October 2014 4.02pm.

    Social network Twitter has confirmed the roll out of a new "experiment" that will see content from people you don't follow appear on your timeline for the first time.

  • Happiness 'increases with age'

    17 October 2014 1.02am.

    Britons get happier rather than grumpier with age, according to a new survey which reveals we find our greatest contentment at 58.

  • Messages from beyond the grave...

    16 October 2014 5.02pm.

    A family were shocked to receive text messages from their dead grandmother who had been buried with her mobile phone three years earlier.

  • Apple launches iPad Air 2

    16 October 2014 2.02am.

    Apple has introduced the iPad Air 2 at a live event in California.

  • Google launches phone and tablet

    15 October 2014 8.01pm.

    Search engine and technology giant Google has announced a new smartphone and tablet, as well as the company's first TV streaming device.

  • Phone films disconcerting - Andrew

    15 October 2014 3.02pm.

    The Duke of York has revealed that he does not mind selfies but finds people filming him on smartphones and tablets "disconcerting".

  • Man 'addicted to Google Glass'

    15 October 2014 11.46am.

    An American man has been admitted into the US Navy's substance abuse programme after showing signs of addiction to Google Glass.

  • Simple passwords risk online safety

    15 October 2014 9.01am.

    Three quarters of Britons are risking their safety online by using simple passwords that are not secure, a Government survey has revealed.

  • 'Sexting is normal for children'

    15 October 2014 1.03am.

    Children now see "sexting" as part of normal life with girls more likely to provide sexually explicit pictures of themselves through social media Smartphone apps, according to an anti-bullying report.

  • Dropbox says it has not been hacked

    14 October 2014 3.02pm.

    Cloud storage site Dropbox has moved to deny claims it has been hacked after an anonymous account posted what it claims is the username and passwords of hundreds of the site's users.

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