Hotel booking site gives assurance

20 December 2014 1.00pm.

One of the world's biggest hotel booking websites has insisted its customers' details are safe after a whistle-blower revealed how he helped fraudsters use personal data to trick thousands of people.

Studio 'did not cave over film'

20 December 2014 6.46am.

The head of Sony Pictures has insisted the studio has "not caved" over the decision to cancel the release of a movie about a plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Obama criticises Sony film decision

19 December 2014 7.17pm.

Barack Obama has criticised Sony Pictures' decision to cancel the release of a movie about a plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, saying the studio "made a mistake".

  • Mobile networks agree coverage deal

    18 December 2014 1.02am.

    The Government has reached a deal with the four mobile networks to improve coverage across the UK, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport said.

  • Pay spat sees Google axe Spain news

    16 December 2014 3.18pm.

    Google has followed through with a pledge to shut down Google News in Spain in reaction to a law requiring news publishers to receive payment for content even if they are willing to give it away.

  • World Cup tops Google search lists

    16 December 2014 1.02am.

    The World Cup in Brazil, Ebola and the iPhone 6 where the biggest trends and news stories UK users searched for on Google in 2014.

  • Spectre script leaked in Sony hack

    14 December 2014 7.35pm.

    A draft script for the new James Bond film has been stolen and leaked by hackers, producers have confirmed.

  • Google move hits Spain news outlets

    11 December 2014 4.47am.

    The decision to close Google News in Spain because of a law requiring aggregators to pay publishers for linking content will reverberate around the world, the company said.

  • Instagram storms ahead of Twitter

    10 December 2014 7.02pm.

    Photo-sharing app Instagram has overtaken rival social network Twitter after announcing that it now has more than 300 million users worldwide .

  • Pirate Bay down after Sweden raid

    10 December 2014 4.18pm.

    Swedish police have raided a server room in Stockholm in an action targeting the file-sharing website The Pirate Bay.

  • World Cup and 1D dominate Twitter

    10 December 2014 8.02am.

    One Direction and the World Cup dominated Twitter in the UK in what was overall "the year of the selfie", statistics show.

  • Google 'best place to work in UK'

    10 December 2014 5.45am.

    Internet giant Google has been voted the best place to work by UK employees, according to a report.

  • Spider Dog takes YouTube honours

    9 December 2014 7.03pm.

    Strangers locking lips, a nun channelling Sister Act and a pet pup scaring the wits out of hapless Poles: t hese are the moments that got the world watching in 2014.

  • Referendum tops Facebook topic list

    9 December 2014 6.01pm.

    The Scottish independence referendum was the UK's most discussed topic on Facebook in 2014.

  • Brand could face ban over tweet

    8 December 2014 7.02pm.

    Comedian Russell Brand could be facing a Twitter ban after he tweeted the phone number of a Daily Mail journalist to his more than eight million followers on the social media site.

  • Minecraft top of the apps on iTunes

    8 December 2014 3.17pm.

    Apple's digital store iTunes has announced its biggest selling apps of the year, with Facebook and popular sandbox game Minecraft both topping best seller charts from the App Store.

  • Hackers disrupt PlayStation store

    8 December 2014 10.03am.

    Sony's online PlayStation store was inaccessible to users for a short time today in the latest possible cyberattack on the electronics and entertainment company.

  • Fears over child-focused Google

    6 December 2014 6.46am.

    A top government adviser has voiced concern about the worsening "commercialisation" of youngsters after Google announced it would launch child-specific products.

  • VIDEO: Games Masters exhibition shows why industry has DMA in its DNA

    5 December 2014 9.00pm.

    Dundee has a starring role in a ground-breaking new video games exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

  • Subsea broadband connects isles

    4 December 2014 1.01pm.

    BT has announced the successful subsea installation of 250 miles of fibre optic cabling to take high-speed broadband to some of Scotland's most remote communities.

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