Social media users 'feel jealous'

25 July 2014 1.00am.

Nearly two thirds of social media users say that sites like Facebook and Twitter make them feel inadequate about their own lives and achievements.

Watching TV 'causes guilty feeling'

24 July 2014 11.01am.

It is something we all secretly suspected, and there is probably a TV programme to tell you all about it - scientists have discovered that slumping in front of the television at the end of a long day can make you feel guilty and like a failure.

Fans hop aboard Comic-Con train

24 July 2014 7.01am.

For a lucky fellowship of fans, Comic-Con began early on a private train carriage trekking to the US pop-culture convention.

  • Internet and mobiles 'essential'

    22 July 2014 4.01pm.

    UK consumers now consider the internet and mobile phones to be essential services, a study has confirmed.

  • Aldrin calls for moon memories

    17 July 2014 3.02pm.

    Buzz Aldrin is asking everyone to remember where they were when he and Neil Armstrong became the first humans to step on to the moon, and to share their memories online.

  • Google Maps showing off 3D London

    17 July 2014 1.01am.

    The world can now explore London in greater detail from a computer screen, as Google Maps today launches 3D mapping of the capital city.

  • Apple fights digital books ruling

    16 July 2014 11.01pm.

    Apple will pay up to 400 million dollars (£230m) to compensate consumers ensnared in a plot to raise the prices of digital books unless the company overturns a court decision attesting to its pivotal role in the collusion.

  • Google agrees contact lens deal

    15 July 2014 3.01pm.

    A smart contact lens that can monitor the glucose levels in the eye is a step closer to reality as Google has announced a partnership with Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis to develop it.

  • High-speed broadband rolled out

    15 July 2014 12.00pm.

    More than 90,000 homes and businesses are to get fibre broadband in the latest phase of a £410 million project.

  • Scotland to get own online identity

    15 July 2014 1.00am.

    A new way for firms and individuals to show their connection to Scotland online is being launched.

  • App 'reads mind' to post pictures

    11 July 2014 10.00pm.

    Posting a photograph to Twitter using just the power of thought may sound like a futuristic idea, but a new app that works with Google Glass means it is now possible to snap a picture and tweet it without lifting a finger or saying a word.

  • Watch your TV - then roll it up

    11 July 2014 2.01pm.

    A flexible TV unveiled by LG could pave the way for a revolution in the way we watch and use screens - rolling them up and taking them with us in and out of the home.

  • Hacking discussed at US-China talks

    10 July 2014 12.02pm.

    US secretary of state John Kerry has said the United States and China had a frank exchange on the issue of cyberhacking during this week's strategic and economic dialogue in Beijing.

  • Brazil defeat breaks Twitter record

    9 July 2014 6.01pm.

    Brazil's humbling at the hands of Germany has become the most tweeted-about sporting event in history.

  • Passengers must keep phones charged

    7 July 2014 4.00am.

    Air passengers flying to the United States will have to make sure their mobile phones and tablets are charged as part of increased precautions due to the threat of terrorist attacks.

  • £90m pledged for faster train wi-fi

    7 July 2014 4.00am.

    Tens of millions of pounds will spent on speeding up internet access on commuter trains across England and Wales.

  • Perth’s new IMAX screen to transform the cinema experience

    5 July 2014 1.10pm.

    Blockbuster Transformers 4 will today herald the arrival of the big screen IMAX experience in Perth.

  • 'Difficult judgments' on web laws

    4 July 2014 11.01am.

    Internet search engine Google has denied it is being deliberately over-zealous in implementing a European Court of Justice ruling granting ordinary people the "right to be forgotten" online.

  • Social media shapes viewing trend

    4 July 2014 1.01am.

    Social media is now such a central part of everyday life that people use it to decide which TV programmes to watch, a new survey has revealed.

  • Censorship row over Google cuts

    3 July 2014 4.02pm.

    Google's removal of some search results in Europe is drawing accusations of press censorship.

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