Tax relief responsible for hundreds of jobs in Scottish video games industry

26 November 2015 10.30am.

Tax credits for the video games industry are set to create and save hundreds of Scottish jobs in a sector that is thriving in Dundee.

‘She just loves him’ — Parents explain why kids went wild at news YouTube star Stampy Cat is coming to Dundee

30 October 2015 3.49pm.

His videos are bigger than Justin Bieber’s, Rihanna’s or One Direction’s. Ahead of Minecraft guru Stampy Cat’s visit to Dundee, Jack McKeown looks at the phenomenon of online gaming channels.

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Minecraft YouTube star Stampy Cat heading to Dundee

28 October 2015 10.45am.

With more than 27 million viewers, Stampy Cat boasts the world’s third-most popular YouTube channel.

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