iPhone fans snap up new handsets

19 September 2014 8.00am.

One of the first people to get his hands on the new iPhone this morning felt "on top of the world" and said he wanted to celebrate by taking a selfie.

Long night ahead - for iPhone fans

19 September 2014 1.01am.

Referendum voters were not the only people queueing in Glasgow tonight.

Apple fans count down for iPhone 6

18 September 2014 9.47pm.

Thousands of Apple fans are entering the last hours o f holding vigil outside the company's stores as they enter the final countdown until the new incarnation of the iPhone is released.

  • Amazon launches two new Kindles

    18 September 2014 6.46am.

    Amazon, the online retail giant, has announced a complete refresh of its tablet computer and e-reader devices, including a special child-friendly version of their Fire HD tablet.

  • More women playing video games

    17 September 2014 10.02pm.

    Women have overtaken men as the most prolific gamers in Britain for the first time, according to a new report.

  • Drivers warned over smartwatch use

    17 September 2014 3.02pm.

    Motorists are being warned about the potential risks associated with using the new Apple Watch and other smartwatches while driving.

  • Apple introduces U2 delete button

    16 September 2014 1.02pm.

    Apple has introduced a one-button tool to remove the U2 album it gifted to customers, following a backlash from iTunes account holders.

  • 33 million access Apple's U2 album

    16 September 2014 7.47am.

    Apple says 33 million iTunes account holders have accessed U2's free album.

  • Record pre-orders for new iPhones

    15 September 2014 5.05pm.

    Apple has announced that first-day pre-orders on the next generation of the iPhone have broken company records.

  • Microsoft buy Minecraft game studio

    15 September 2014 5.05pm.

    Microsoft has bought the development studio behind gaming phenomenon Minecraft for more than two billion US dollars (£1.2bn), both companies have confirmed.

  • Check app downloads, parents urged

    12 September 2014 1.47am.

    Parents are being encouraged to pay more attention to the apps their children download after new research found that nearly a third do not monitor the downloads their children make to their smartphones.

  • Robot Boris shows dishwasher skills

    11 September 2014 8.02pm.

    Like the other Boris, he is big, smart, ambitious and attracts a lot of attention.

  • Players power football pitch lights

    11 September 2014 6.46am.

    Billed as Brazil's first player-powered football pitch, a field in a Rio de Janeiro slum harnesses the kinetic energy of players' movements to provide night-time illumination.

  • Apple iPhone 6 and Watch revealed

    10 September 2014 2.02am.

    Apple has launched its first smartwatch as well as a new enlarged iPhone, called the iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Apple introduces new iPhone 6 Plus

    9 September 2014 8.02pm.

    Apple has introduced a new bigger iPhone for the first time, called the iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Google search case offer rejected

    9 September 2014 5.03pm.

    Google's offer to settle a case which claims it abuses its dominant position in internet searches has been rejected again by the European Union's antitrust body.

  • Will the iPhone 6 be accessorised with the iWatch?

    9 September 2014 10.57am.

    With the iPhone 6, and possibly the iWatch, to be unveiled later today, Jack McKeown takes a bite out of Apple.

  • Game fans trade sleep for Destiny

    9 September 2014 10.47am.

    Gaming fans sacrificed sleep so they could get their hands on one of the most anticipated titles of all time.

  • Apple set to unveil new iPhone

    9 September 2014 8.46am.

    Apple is set to unveil the latest generation of iPhone.

  • Don’t you know? There’s now such a thing as a gruffalo app

    6 September 2014 12.10pm.

    “Silly old fox, doesn’t he know? There’s no such thing as a gruffalo!”

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