Ad surge boosts Facebook profits

24 April 2014 4.00am.

Social network giant Facebook reported soaring profits during the first quarter of 2014, driven by a major surge in advertising revenue.

Year-on-year revenue rise for Apple

24 April 2014 1.00am.

Technology giant Apple has experienced a revenue boost on the same time last year, its quarterly figures have shown.

Facebook revenue soars nearly 70%

24 April 2014 12.00am.

Social network giant Facebook has reported an increase in revenue and profit despite recent acquisitions, the company's quarterly figures show tonight.

  • Year-on-year revenue rise for Apple

    23 April 2014 11.00pm.

    Technology giant Apple has experienced a revenue boost on the same time last year, its quarterly figures show tonight.

  • Apple 'copied FaceTime app from us'

    22 April 2014 6.00pm.

    Smartphone maker Samsung has claimed that Apple's FaceTime video calling feature infringes a patent owned by the Korean manufacturer.

  • Recycling pledge for Apple products

    22 April 2014 2.00pm.

    Technology giant Apple has announced a new scheme to mark Earth Day that allows any product to be returned to the company for recycling.

  • Microsoft takeover date for Nokia

    22 April 2014 2.00pm.

    Microsoft has confirmed that it will complete its acquisition of Nokia's mobile phone business this Friday, expanding the reach of the Windows Phone operating system.

  • Facebook boss defends targeted ads

    22 April 2014 12.02pm.

    Facebook is very protective of its users' privacy and personal data despite the use of personalised advertisements, the firm's chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg has said .

  • Apple reveals plans to go greener

    21 April 2014 10.00pm.

    Apple is offering free recycling of all its used products and vowing to power all of its stores, offices and data centres with renewable energy to reduce the pollution caused by its devices and online services.

  • British Pathe footage on YouTube

    19 April 2014 8.01pm.

    Newsreel archive British Pathe has uploaded its entire collection of 85,000 historic films to YouTube, making rare 20th century videos available to the public.

  • Samsung fingerprint check 'flawed'

    17 April 2014 3.02pm.

    A researcher says he has managed to fool the fingerprint-based security system on Samsung's new Galaxy S5 smartphone using wood glue and a picture of the original print.

  • Mumsnet hacked by Heartbleed bug

    14 April 2014 8.00pm.

    UK-based parenting tips website Mumsnet has been hacked as a result of the Heartbleed computer bug, the site's founder has announced.

  • New phone and watches from Samsung

    11 April 2014 3.01pm.

    Technology giant Samsung has stepped up the consumer war with Apple by launching four new products in a single day.

  • 'Don't panic over Heartbleed bug'

    10 April 2014 2.01pm.

    Security experts have urged internet users not to panic and instantly change their passwords in wake of the Heartbleed bug security flaw, despite suggestions to do so from prominent sites like Tumblr.

  • Facebook changes messaging app

    10 April 2014 11.03am.

    Facebook is changing the way its users send instant messages, as the social network confirmed it was removing the feature from its main mobile app.

  • Heartbleed bug hits web security

    9 April 2014 6.02pm.

    Several major technology firms have urged users to change all their passwords in the wake of the Heartbleed bug security breach.

  • Hollywood studios sue Megaupload

    8 April 2014 6.02pm.

    Hollywood studios are suing the defunct file-sharing website Megaupload and its founder, Kim Dotcom, claiming the website facilitated massive copyright infringement.

  • GoPro and Google up for Webbys

    8 April 2014 5.02pm.

    This year's list of nominees for Webby awards celebrating internet achievement range from celebrities such as Beyonce and Ellen DeGeneres to Google and GoPro, the maker of popular mountable video cameras.

  • 'One in four' owns tablet computer

    8 April 2014 4.00pm.

    More than one in four British consumers now owns a tablet computer, with advertisers spending a record £6.3 billion last year to reach people online, according to latest figures.

  • EU court axes data retention law

    8 April 2014 11.01am.

    The European Union's top court has dealt a blow to law enforcement agencies' spying on phone and internet records, saying the lives of citizens should not be "the subject of constant surveillance".

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