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FBI and Apple probe photos hack

2 September 2014 4.46am.

Apple and the FBI are investigating an online hack that led to the posting of hundreds of explicit photos of some of Hollywood's most famous female stars.

Search engines may face pirate law

1 September 2014 9.02pm.

Culture Secretary Sajid Javid has warned internet search engine companies legislation could be introduced if they do not make "real progress" in clamping down on links to pirate websites.

Clerics 'should tolerate internet'

1 September 2014 7.03pm.

Iran's president has urged the country's clerics to be more tolerant of the internet and new technologies, which are often the target of criticism by influential hard-liners in the Islamic Republic.

  • '£130 of gadgets' in schoolbag

    29 August 2014 1.47am.

    More than a quarter of parents plan to spend an average of £329 per family on gadgets for their children ahead of the new school year, a survey has found.

  • Facebook to cut 'click-bait' links

    26 August 2014 1.02pm.

    Facebook has announced plans to cut down on "click-bait" articles that appear on user news feeds, as the company says it wants to tackle spam on the site.

  • Playstation network taken offline

    25 August 2014 11.47am.

    Sony's PlayStation network was taken offline "due to a distributed denial of service attack", the company has said.

  • Galileo satellites probe launched

    23 August 2014 6.02pm.

    European space officials are investigating whether the inaccurate deployment of two satellites will complicate their efforts to develop a new Galileo satellite navigation system that would rival America's GPS network.

  • London internet issues 'ludicrous'

    21 August 2014 2.00pm.

    Businesses in central London are losing more than 50,000 working days and £37 million a year because of broadband issues, according to a new report on internet speeds in the capital.

  • Twitter to add tweets to timelines

    20 August 2014 4.02pm.

    Tweets from accounts that you do not follow will now appear in your Twitter timeline, the social network has confirmed.

  • Web user lobs custard pie at Greggs

    19 August 2014 4.02pm.

    Greggs was left red-faced today after a crude spoof of its logo went viral on Twitter after appearing prominently placed on a Google search result.

  • UK mobile network coverage improves

    19 August 2014 7.46am.

    A race between mobile providers to outperform their competitors could see better network coverage for customers throughout the UK, a report has suggested.

  • Police probe social media cases

    19 August 2014 1.47am.

    Police officers and civilians made racist and threatening comments on Facebook and Twitter, sent friend requests to victims of crime and uploaded images of colleagues in "compromising positions", new details show.

  • First smartphone to go on display

    15 August 2014 8.02pm.

    At just 20 years of age it is undeniably a relic from another age, already long consigned to the past.

  • 20 years of online shopping marked

    11 August 2014 3.00pm.

    Online shopping is something that nine out of 10 of us now do, according to new research marking the 20th anniversary of the first secure online transaction.

  • Bafta chance for Dare to be Digital winners

    11 August 2014 7.58am.

    Dare Protoplay, Scotland’s biggest video games festival, closed in Dundee with the unveiling of three nominees for the Bafta Ones to Watch award.

  • Superfast broadband 'on track'

    8 August 2014 8.45am.

    More than one million homes and businesses have superfast broadband, figures show.

  • Britons 'reach digital peak at 14'

    7 August 2014 9.46am.

    Britons are reaching their peak understanding of digital technology at the age of 14 to 15, according to a new report.

  • Wikipedia attack on 'censorship'

    6 August 2014 4.03pm.

    The foundation which operates Wikipedia has issued new criticism of the "right to be forgotten" ruling, calling it "unforgivable censorship".

  • Rosetta probe reaches target comet

    6 August 2014 12.03pm.

    Comet-chasing space probe Rosetta has reached its destination after a journey lasting more than a decade.

  • Hackers 'steal 1.2bn passwords'

    6 August 2014 5.00am.

    Russian hackers have stolen 1.2 billion user names and passwords in a series of Internet heists affecting 420,000 websites, according to a report.

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