Culture shift will be needed to meet target

Sir, – We were delighted to see Scottish Government proposals to cut youth unemployment by 40% in the next seven years, as outlined in its youth ...

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Festive joy for prisoners while others suffer

Sir, – I thought your story on Christmas menus for prisoners across Tayside was hilarious.

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Foodbank figures only tip of the iceberg

Sir, — Your paper is to be congratulated for its strong criticism of the necessity for so many foodbanks in Britain and, in particular, a very ...

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A big thank you for doing the right thing

Sir, — It’s understandable to have sympathy with the annoyance that is engendered by communities and residents alike who are faced with the ...

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Lib Dems have failed area and Scotland

Sir, — It is concerning that a representative of Perthshire Lib Dems laughed at my recent letter. Deciding to implement the loathsome bedroom tax, ...

Staying out of Madras tiresome onslaught

Sir, — I write in response to the recent letter by Mr Bill Sangster, headlined “More questions than answers”.

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Coming up in Saturday’s Courier — Mug-napping

‘Ello, ello, ello, what’s all this then?

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Coming up in Friday’s Courier — what’s in a name?

At last. Black Friday has gone. Cyber Monday passed off without any real horror.

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Coming up - ghoulish goings-on

As a red-blooded male I’ve always been a fan of things that go bump in the night.

You’re nicked! — Glasgow officers jeered for bundling Santa into a police van

He was caught, well, red-handed.

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'If you employ a bald-headed man, people will think you are getting him on the cheap'

In 1903, scientist William Henry revealed the cure for baldness, so there really is no need for people to be going about without hair today.

Labour reshuffle: Murphy move the crucial one

Jim Murphy completely reshuffled his Holyrood pack but the most interesting thing to emerge was that he is going to base himself in the Scottish ...

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