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Poor punished for banking sector failure

27 July 2015 2.05pm.

Sir,- I applaud Dr John Cameron (July 23) when he questions the morality of prosecuting the 94-year-old former member of the Waffen SS who had been employed at Auschwitz concentration camp.

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End the shooting of ‘protected’ animals

27 July 2015 10.37am.

Sir,- I find it disgraceful that the shooting of “protected” Scottish wildlife as magnificent as the grey seal, as happened at Lunan Bay last week, is allowed to continue.

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  • Government to blame for police shambles

    24 July 2015 4.59pm.

    Sir, - Much has been written and spoken about the problems besetting Police Scotland and the ability of Sir Stephen House to head this organisation.

  • Secularists should start their own food bank

    23 July 2015 5.43pm.

    Sir, - The Scottish Secular Society regard it as an “insult to thousands” that a Christian food bank advertises for a manager who is a Christian (July 18).

  • Council planners do not always know best

    22 July 2015 2.34pm.

    Sir, - The Perth and Kinross Council staff report on the ultimately successful Binn Eco Park windfarm application stated there were 77 objectors and 66 supporters.

  • Multi-nationals damaging town centres

    21 July 2015 4.45pm.

    Sir, - There is a large body of evidence that suggests that when big national or multi-national retailers move into a town they have a detrimental impact on local business and the environment.

  • Brechin undergoing community revival

    20 July 2015 1.11pm.

    Sir, – Having read Brian Smith’s depressing, negative and inaccurate missive (July 15) about Brechin’s Harley Davidson in the City event, I felt compelled to respond.

  • Rail link will provide boost for whole of Fife

    18 July 2015 11.41am.

    Sir, - I would like to reply to the letter by Joseph Gilmour (July 11), Looking for Rail Link Answers.

  • Don’t blame Stephen House for police fiasco

    17 July 2015 5.03pm.

    Sir, – May I echo the groundswell of opinion about the inefficiencies within the new centralised Police Scotland call centre.

  • Links needs to remember its members

    16 July 2015 4.29pm.

    Sir,– In recent years, Carnoustie Golf Links management committee appears to have lost the ideals with which the committee was originally set up.

  • Business hit by Kinross High Street work

    15 July 2015 4.36pm.

    Sir,– It is almost exactly 60 years since I became a member of the then Kinross County Council, beginning a period of some 25 years as a councillor.

  • Buy-to-let changes an attack on business

    14 July 2015 6.35pm.

    Sir,– The decision by the Chancellor in his Budget statement to end tax deductions for buy-to-let mortgages is a shocking decision that unfairly discriminates against landlords who provide valuable housing across Scotland.

  • When will Labour apologise to the voters?

    13 July 2015 6.27pm.

    Sir,– Now the dust has settled on the Budget, I wonder what the Labour Party will say to those thousands of Dundonians they let down during the referendum campaign?

  • Time to rethink opposition to windfarms

    10 July 2015 4.12pm.

    Sir,– I was disappointed today (July 6) to receive an email from Perth and Kinross Council development management committee, informing me their development quality manager is to refuse Binn Eco Centre’s application to install four wind turbines.

  • Two classes of MPs cannot be the answer

    9 July 2015 4.58pm.

    Sir,– Tory proposals for English votes for English laws is not only entirely incoherent, but will lead to a constitutional shambles, riding roughshod as it does over the democratic rights of the Scottish people (July 3).

  • Lessons the SNP need to take from Greece

    8 July 2015 4.12pm.

    Sir,– I hope SNP leaders and their followers have taken careful note of the recent events in Greece and their causes.

  • Grand ideas – and a lot of cash needed – in Perth

    7 July 2015 4.13pm.

    Sir, – I hear the government of the Republic of Greece has submitted a formal offer to purchase Perth City Hall for the sum of £10 million, with the express intention of adapting and adopting the building for use as an international research centre for the study of management of major financial loans, to be known as IRCSMMFL for short.

  • Following the example of true courage

    6 July 2015 5.58pm.

    Sir,– I was saddened to read about the recent death of Sir Nicholas Winton (July 2) and I have to say what a remarkable courageous man he was.

  • Time to end the subsidies to landowners

    3 July 2015 5.05pm.

    Sir,– Are small hill farmers a different species from the rest of us?

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