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Planning process– a discussion we must have

3 March 2015 4.15pm.

Sir, – Public trust in the planning process around major infrastructure developments is at an all-time low. It’s not just about windfarms; a snapshot of letters pages and online media on any given day reveals angst and suspicion stemming from the sacrifice of areas of wild land, natural heritage, historic landscapes and greenbelt to commercial priorities.

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For many, it seems, being an MP is a sideline

2 March 2015 4.22pm.

Sir, — What are the real lessons of the debacle that led to Sir Malcolm Rifkind’s downfall?

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  • Disappointed by negative attitude to airport

    27 February 2015 4.12pm.

    Sir, – I refer to your ongoing coverage regarding the comments by the President of Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce on the future of Dundee Airport.

  • Why should non-payers be exonerated?

    26 February 2015 5.09pm.

    Sir, – Personal debt can be a most depressing situation and sometimes it can take character, hard work and sacrifice to survive.

  • Unite to deny him the oxygen of publicity

    25 February 2015 5.00pm.

    Sir, – The forthcoming general election for Scotland is as important in many ways as the referendum was. We can be sure that the Yes voters will turn out in numbers to vote for the SNP.

  • Dundee Airport comments “misguided”

    24 February 2015 5.15pm.

    Sir, – I was surprised and disappointed to read the misguided and irresponsible comments of prominent businessman and current President of Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce, Tim Allan, regarding Dundee Airport (February 20).

  • Is Children’s Panel system fit for purpose?

    23 February 2015 3.37pm.

    Sir, – It grieves me to see problems with the Children’s Panel system highlighted in newspaper reports, and the welcome comments of Councillor Lewis Simpson.

  • Energy policy brought threat to Longannet

    20 February 2015 4.55pm.

    Sir, – In typical SNP style, Fergus Ewing diverts attention from reality by blaming Westminster and grid transmission costs for the potential closure of the Longannet power station.

  • Extra penny on tax rather than more cuts

    19 February 2015 6.38pm.

    Sir, – £246 million. That’s what an extra penny on Scottish Tax rates would bring in next year. That power is provided by the Scotland Act, which we agreed three years ago. I’ve calculated those millions from the Scottish Scrutiny briefing published last year, assuming the two higher tax bands go up in proportion.

  • Environmental disaster waiting to happen

    18 February 2015 11.50am.

    Sir, – I was extremely disappointed to read in The Courier’s business section (February 14), that the moratorium on onshore unconventional oil and gas developments does not cover the Cluff Natural Resources underground coal gasification plans.

  • A typical “head in the sand” attitude

    17 February 2015 10.44am.

    Sir, – I was amazed when the Labour MP Joan Walley, who chairs the Westminster environment audit committee, whilst talking about shale gas production, recently stated: “We cannot allow Britain’s national parks and areas of outstanding beauty to be developed into oil and gas fields.”

  • Subsidies argument a complete ‘red herring’

    13 February 2015 3.32pm.

    Sir, – In his letter (February 11), Ian Macaulay attempts to justify the rapidly increasing and current £300 million per year actual subsidies paid to wind turbine operators by repeating the long since discredited canard that £2.6 billion “subsidies” are paid annually to the coal, oil and gas sector.

  • It’s only right that questions should be asked

    12 February 2015 7.20pm.

    Sir, – I was disappointed to read Fiona Hyslop’s letter in Tuesday’s Courier. It once again demonstrates the Scottish Government’s Teflon-like ability to deflect criticism when things go wrong.

  • Wealth no guarantee of educational success

    11 February 2015 4.12pm.

    Sir, – I think it’s a laudable aim for society to help children achieve the most from their educational potential, whatever background they come from.

  • Scottish Secretary woefully misinformed on V&A

    11 February 2015 4.04pm.

    Sir, – Alistair Carmichael does himself a great disservice in his attempts to score political points with attacks on the V&A project.

  • There are no windfalls from windfarms

    9 February 2015 6.38pm.

    Sir, – The prominent article on February 4 (Windfarm fund milestone) was meant as a news story, but it read more like a press release from SSE.

  • Golf move from BBC to Sky was inevitable

    7 February 2015 10.32am.

    Sir, – Those hyperventilating about the R&A’s deal with Sky over live television rights to the Open ignore the two hour, prime-time round-up which will be shown each day on BBC.

  • Time to be honest and realistic about Gaelic

    6 February 2015 5.06pm.

    Sir, – I am Scottish and fiercely proud of it.

  • Apologies over ‘poor protest’ wording

    5 February 2015 6.28pm.

    Sir, – On Saturday January 31 a small number of our students took to the streets of St Andrews with a sandwich board displaying the message “F*** the Poor.”

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