Readers' Letters

  • Scaremongering on Balmossie must stop

    21 May 2015 5.59pm.

    Sir, - It was with great sadness I read the latest scaremongering closure story prediction about Balmossie fire station in Dundee (May 18).

  • Thin people should pay less for clothes

    20 May 2015 9.27am.

    Sir, - In reply to Gordon Kennedy’s letter about the cost of clothes for overweight people (May 18) let me put forth a viewpoint from his opposite, a skinny person.

  • People will take action over bad legislation

    19 May 2015 5.37pm.

    Sir, - Galen Milne, (May 14) is right about majority governments bringing in bad legislation north and south of the border, and, while the Tory Party’s omnipotence is new-found, it is something the SNP has had at Holyrood since 2011.

  • Unique character of our Scottish bluebell

    18 May 2015 4.01pm.

    Sir, - What an encouraging sign of spring to see your photograph captioned “bluebells” on May 13.

  • It is folly to bring back lynx to Scotland

    18 May 2015 10.33am.

    Sir, - I was delighted to read Jim Crumley’s article (May 12) regarding the possible reintroduction of the lynx to Scotland.

  • Rash of bins pose danger in Dundee streets

    15 May 2015 5.42pm.

    Sir, - As Dundee becomes less a City of Discovery and more a city of bins, perhaps the city council should not be surprised that there has been a rise in the number of incidents of bins being set on fire.

  • Phase-shift climate danger facing earth

    14 May 2015 4.49pm.

    Sir, - Earth, since its beginning, has, within a geological time frame, constantly undergone climate change.

  • No return to religious oppression of past

    12 May 2015 4.26pm.

    Sir, - Well I certainly seem to have stirred it up among a lot of religionists, including a few reverends.

  • Lack of judgment over St Andrews school

    11 May 2015 5.32pm.

    Sir, - St Andrews Environmental Protection Association’s supporters have recently claimed that their attempts to block the new school building for Madras College, St Andrews, are victimless, denying that it’s costing us all millions of pounds.

  • Why the delay over Laurencekirk flyover?

    8 May 2015 10.59am.

    Sir, - In the last nine years we have seen absolutely no progress from the SNP Government on building a flyover where the A937 meets the A90 at Laurencekirk.

  • STEPAL damaging image of St Andrews

    7 May 2015 10.51am.

    Sir, - The true nature of St Andrews Environmental Protection Associaton’s approach to education, and the replacement Madras College in particular, is clear from their secretary’s response to Councillor Bryan Poole’s recent statements.

  • NHS cannot cope with new demands

    6 May 2015 10.40am.

    Sir, - I thank Mr Allan of Sauchie (April 30) for appreciating and remembering the pivotal role the Labour Party had in founding the welfare state and the National Health Service.

  • Leave animals in their natural habitat

    5 May 2015 10.32am.

    Sir, -The prospect of fierce predators being let loose in north-east Scotland is horrifying.

  • Who was aware of Tullis Russell trouble?

    4 May 2015 4.45pm.

    Sir, - A lot of people, not just the loyal employees, have cause to be angry at the debacle of Tullis Russell going into administration (May 1).

  • Sturgeon should sort out police shambles

    4 May 2015 10.44am.

    Sir, - Police Scotland has once again come in for criticism for failing to respond to a major public disorder incident in Cowdenbeath last weekend (April 30).

  • Will supporters clear up Travellers’ site?

    2 May 2015 12.51pm.

    Sir, - Now that our band of travelling people have partly moved on from Camperdown Park, Dundee, I am sure their supporter, Ms Ana Hine, and her reception group (April 22) are already on their way to clear up the usual mess these people leave behind.

  • Greyhound safeguards needed in Britain

    30 April 2015 6.30pm.

    Sir, - Any animal lover, I am sure, will be as appalled as myself to have heard the news of the execution and mass burial of 52 greyhounds, even though it was on the other side of the world in Australia.

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