Readers' Letters

  • SNP must now remove MP from the party

    5 October 2015 2.44pm.

    Sir, - It is important to note that Michelle Thomson MP appears not to be the focus of the police investigation stemming from irregularities the Scottish Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal may have uncovered (September 30).

  • Clear benefits of joint St Andrews campus

    2 October 2015 5.03pm.

    Sir - Surprisingly, the address to a Fife Council meeting by Madras College’s former headboy has generated no comment.

  • Dundee should roll out a welcome arch

    1 October 2015 4.24pm.

    Sir, - Clive Luhrs (September 23) suggests an Elizabeth arch should be erected to commemorate the Queen’s reign and as an echo of Dundee’s former Royal Arch but concedes some “who are not royalist in outlook” might disagree.

  • Reopening St Andrews rail link is vital

    30 September 2015 2.30pm.

    Sir, - I am afraid Mr Chalmers has got it wrong in his letter (September 25); there is clear evidence that the transport access to St Andrews is inadequate.

  • Perth must get its spending priorities right

    29 September 2015 4.42pm.

    Sir,- I would like to express my concern about how Perth and Kinross Council spends taxpayers’ money.

  • Remember the sacrifice at Battle of Loos

    28 September 2015 4.24pm.

    Sir,- I read with great interest your excellent supplement regarding the Battle of Loos.

  • Profit put before wildlife at Monikie park

    26 September 2015 10.22am.

    Sir,- I am speechless after a recent trip to Monikie Country Park, to which I shall never return.

  • Worrying standard of public record keeping

    24 September 2015 3.20pm.

    Sir, - I find the inferred differences between the statements made by Councillors Alexander Stewart and Barbara Vaughan in your article about allegations of sloppy record keeping at Perth and Kinross Council really interesting.

  • Dundee should construct new royal arch

    23 September 2015 3.12pm.

    Sir, - It was interesting to read that Dundee’s former royal arch is to be commemorated with granite paving slabs and four trees at the spot where it stood.

  • We cannot blame migrants for fleeing

    22 September 2015 3.28pm.

    Sir, - Should we be feeling threatened at the mass movement of so-called immigrants or refugees heading our way?

  • Listen to professionals on energy security

    21 September 2015 3.21pm.

    Sir, - For decades we have enjoyed a reliable electricity supply.

  • We should back both Fife rail proposals

    18 September 2015 11.45am.

    Sir, - I refer to the letter, Need for Leven rail reconnection (September 11).

  • Carnoustie should resist biodigester bid

    17 September 2015 12.01pm.

    Sir, - A planning application for a large anaerobic biodigester (AD) plant, to be sited at the east end of Carlogie Woods on the edge of Carnoustie, has been submitted to Angus Council.

  • Secular society resents Christian ‘slurs’

    17 September 2015 10.30am.

    Sir, – In reply to my letter, Free Church Moderator David Robertson demonstrates his Christian response by referring to the “fear-mongering of the atheistic secularists”.

  • Opposition to Carnoustie biodigester plant

    16 September 2015 1.11pm.

    There are the first stirrings of unrest in Carnoustie about a planning application for an anaerobic biodigester plant.

  • Corbyn win an evolutionary step forward

    16 September 2015 10.29am.

    Sir, – Labour, the UK’s largest political party, has elected a left wing leader by a landslide.

  • Scotland will be forced to accept fracking

    14 September 2015 4.09pm.

    Sir, - Keith Howell’s letter, How will Scotland keep the lights on? (September 11) raises important questions for the SNP.

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