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I was saddened by portrayal of Dundee

27 November 2015 11.57am.

Sir, - As the author of the Annie Pepper books currently being serialised in The Courier I, along with a sizeable crowd of fellow Dundonians made my way to the Dundee Contemporary Arts venue on Sunday afternoon to enjoy some filmed footage of Auld Dundee.

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Campaigners should fund own rail study

25 November 2015 4.53pm.

Sir, - Jane Ann Liston (November 20) rejects any criticism of her views, insisting there is a sound case for a new railway to St Andrews.

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  • Give your nine-hole golf course a chance

    24 November 2015 3.40pm.

    Sir, - After reading an article regarding the closure of yet another golf club, Blairbeth in Glasgow, it made me reflect on the state of the game.

  • Developments are no threat to Kingdom Centre

    23 November 2015 3.30pm.

    Sir,- Does the prospect of new retail developments at the Queensgate estate and the Saltire Centre in Glenrothes pose a real threat to the viability of the town’s Kingdom Centre (November 20)?

  • Rail link will ease pressure on St Andrews

    23 November 2015 3.23pm.

    Sir, - Antony Black (November 17) asks: “what, pray is the stature of St Andrews that it deserves such a (rail) link more than hundreds of towns of similar size?”

  • We must show support for police officers

    20 November 2015 3.01pm.

    Sir, - It was reported in the press on September 18 that John Yuill, who crashed a car killing himself and his girlfriend, Lamara Bell, in an accident on the M9 near Bannockburn on July 5, did not have a full driving licence.

  • Immigrants must embrace our values

    20 November 2015 11.16am.

    Sir, - The recent dreadful events in Paris illustrate the foolishness of those who assume that our moral values are those to which all citizens of the world aspire and whose attainment is frustrated only by the lack of Western-style democratic governance in the countries which they inhabit.

  • St Andrews rail campaign’s flawed claims

    18 November 2015 3.49pm.

    Sir - Having followed the campaign by Jane Ann Liston for the return of a rail service to St Andrews and read the documentation on the StARLink website and other sources, a number of her arguments do not hold water.

  • We should follow example of Mrs Thatcher

    17 November 2015 2.12pm.

    Sir, - To every sane person on the planet, the obscene horror of the events in Paris will have been viewed with disgust and revulsion yet not, I think, without the realisation that it was almost inevitable and certainly, it will have also been accompanied by the depressing thought that this incident won’t be the last of its kind in Europe.

  • Cyclists must obey the rules of the road

    16 November 2015 3.12pm.

    Sir, - I do agree that cycling can be a very healthy pursuit.

  • Income tax rises will turn off Scottish voters

    14 November 2015 3.46pm.

    Sir, - The SNP has at last hinted at what it may do with part of its increased tax-raising powers, to be devolved under the forthcoming Scotland Act changes.

  • St Andrews rail link would benefit Scotland

    13 November 2015 1.55pm.

    Sir, - In reply to Mr Ken Reid’s letter (November 9) surely a destination of the stature of St Andrews deserves something better than an “adequate” station nearly six miles away, served by buses which all too often are glimpsed accelerating away up the by-pass by the alighting rail passenger?

  • Tony Blair acted in good faith over Iraq War

    10 November 2015 4.57pm.

    Sir, - In the interest of balance, a number of points should be made about the newly ennobled Menzies Campbell’s comments on Tony Blair and the Iraq War (November 6).

  • Drivers should protest over Perth car parks

    9 November 2015 2.26pm.

    Sir, - Reading yet another article on Smart Parking in Perth (November 4) I felt compelled to share my experience with your readers.

  • Tax on cyclists would raise only pennies

    9 November 2015 9.55am.

    Sir, - I write with reference to the letter from Clark Cross (November 4) about road funding and cyclists.

  • Mr Salmond’s point-scoring over tragedy

    7 November 2015 10.30am.

    Sir, - Alex Salmond accuses those who raise their concerns over Police Scotland’s stop-and-search policy of doing so for “puerile politicking”.

  • Wind energy policy has failed Scotland

    5 November 2015 6.00pm.

    Sir, - Your reports (November 2) show vast evidence of continuing applications for wind turbine installations all over many beautiful parts of Scotland as well as plans for huge arrays of offshore wind turbines.

  • Angus Council should put tenants first

    5 November 2015 10.30am.

    Sir, - Our 92-year-old mother lives in sheltered housing at Inglis Court, Edzell, where for 20 years she has had a safe home with caring help on hand, in particular the tenant support officer service.

  • Lack of oversight of Scottish health service

    4 November 2015 6.05pm.

    Sir, - I was interested in your story, GPs have more patients than there are people (October 29) based on information uncovered by Liz Smith MSP, that there are apparently nearly 240,000 more people registered for GP surgeries in Scotland than there are people in Scotland.

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