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The answers to West Lothian Question

29 September 2014 9.51am.

Sir, – The answer to the West Lothian Question (aka English votes for English issues) and the broader UK constitutional fallout from the Scottish Referendum lies in the following two-part solution.

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Labour’s lies see it desert those in need

26 September 2014 5.28pm.

Sir, – The Labour Party in Scotland has just committed suicide. It has committed the cardinal political sin of lying to its own supporters and treating them like half-wits.

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  • Put power back into local hands

    25 September 2014 6.06pm.

    Sir, – Bring back powers to county councils. Reincarnate burgh, town and city councils and let them be responsible for raising local taxes, be they domestic or business rates and, possibly, sales tax.

  • Scottish MPs have rights in UK parliament

    24 September 2014 5.26pm.

    Sir, – A simple point should be made about parliamentary procedure at Westminster.

  • Shame on those who did not cast a vote

    20 September 2014 2.50pm.

    Sir, – I received an email from a Hungarian friend in Budapest on September 18, suggesting I should vote yes and make history!

  • Taxi drivers better than council for service

    19 September 2014 1.03pm.

    Sir, – I was dismayed and infuriated by your article on September 11 regarding the absolute nonsensical idea by Perth and Kinross Council that fair city taxi drivers need to go on a training course at a cost of £120.

  • Public services could prove costly issue

    17 September 2014 3.36pm.

    Sir, — The SNP and the Yes campaign trot out the claim Scotland pays more in tax revenue per head than the UK as a whole but fail to tell the full story by omitting to inform us of Scottish Government expenditure relative to the UK.

  • Why three stooges are having a laugh

    16 September 2014 3.31pm.

    Sir, — The recent visit to Scotland by the three Westminster stooges (David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg), with the claims of their love for Scotland and promises of further devolution left me with a feeling of stunned bemusement.

  • Readers' letters special: the independence referendum

    16 September 2014 1.34pm.

    The latest letters to The Courier on the subject of the referendum.

  • ‘Yes’ gives us control of fiscal levers we need

    16 September 2014 9.41am.

    Sir, – As a small businessman, the prospect that the power to vary income tax should be devolved to the Scottish Parliament without a corresponding right to vary corporation tax fills me with horror.

  • 'Yes’ means putting everything at risk

    15 September 2014 6.37pm.

    Sir, – Alex Salmond, referring to the political leaders coming up to Scotland, said: “If I had known they were coming I would have sent them their bus fare”.

  • Create opportunities to entice Scots home

    13 September 2014 10.32am.

    Sir, – I live and work in Sweden and I am one of the truly invisible missing million – Scots who have left a country that lacks political power and economic control to find opportunity elsewhere.

  • Readers' letters special: the independence referendum

    12 September 2014 10.24am.

    More readers' letters to The Courier on the subject of the referendum.

  • Past masters at reneging on their promises

    12 September 2014 10.15am.

    Sir, – As a “yes” voter I find Dr Cameron’s latest comments on the referendum insulting to say the least. There is no expectation among “yes” voters that come September 19 we will all wake up to Shangri La.

  • Readers' letters special: the independence referendum

    10 September 2014 2.01pm.

    Courier readers' letters on the subject of the independence referendum.

  • Immensely impressed by caring councillors

    10 September 2014 1.53pm.

    Sir, – Often we hear people complaining about council lack of care and a lack of real concern from councillors, but I would like to give praise where it is due.

  • Why trust people who clearly don’t trust us?

    10 September 2014 1.46pm.

    Sir, – What appears to be ignored in the whole referendum debate is the benefits we now enjoy as being part of the UK – the NHS, welfare, education, public services, pensions, financial stability, security, etc, and being one of the world’s wealthiest nations. Do not take this for granted or lose it on easily-made promises.

  • The only conclusion – it will cost us more

    10 September 2014 1.39pm.

    Sir, – This week National Grid reported that we risk power blackouts because some of the UK’s biggest electricity generators are out of service.

  • State prying into people’s private lives

    8 September 2014 9.27am.

    Sir, – Whilst settling down to the routine of a new school year, children between the ages of nine and 16 attending Dundee schools will be asked over the next few weeks to fill in a questionnaire as part of the “ChildrenCountSurvey”.

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