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No ospreys once new walkway opens?

17 April 2014 6.24pm.

Sir,– How can certain members of the public be so arrogant or selfish as to ignore warning signs and scare the osprey “Lady” off her nest?

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It is good that common sense prevailed

16 April 2014 5.22pm.

Sir, – A victory for common sense and dignity is always pleasing to witness, so we should welcome the decision of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games organisers to abandon that monstrous plan to demolish most of the remaining Red Road flats as part of the opening ceremony (Courier, April 14).

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  • Expenses scandal – if only it were that simple

    15 April 2014 6.16pm.

    Sir, – It would be good if solving Westminster MPs’ expenses scandals was as simple as George K McMillan assumes (letters, April 11).

  • First Minister ignoring the reality about energy

    14 April 2014 6.31pm.

    Sir, – The UK Energy Secretary Ed Davey has at long last pointed out that Scottish consumers would see their energy bills rocket if Scotland votes “yes”.

  • What was Lord Robertson trying to achieve?

    14 April 2014 2.57pm.

    Sir, – What Lord Robertson was hoping to achieve with his recent speech in America only he will know.

  • Seeing ourselves “as others see us”

    11 April 2014 3.28pm.

    Sir, – During a recent visit to Merseyside I was surprised to hear the level of interest in our forthcoming referendum.

  • Margo was a vibrant, captivating woman

    9 April 2014 4.45pm.

    Sir, – I knew Margo MacDonald most of my adult life because we were the same age and had mutual friends when she attended Dunfermline College of Physical Education.

  • Voting Afghans have put us to shame

    8 April 2014 6.44pm.

    Sir, – On Saturday, the people of Afghanistan went to the polls in elections to determine the course of the first democratic transfer of power in their nation’s history.

  • It’s only ‘bad news’ for wind industry fat cats

    7 April 2014 2.45pm.

    Sir, – Of course, those paid to promote an industry bloated by subsidy are predicting doom over the news that David Cameron is considering pulling the plug on onshore wind.

  • No better way to show enormity of the crime

    4 April 2014 6.48pm.

    Sir, – In response to Ronald Oliver’s comments on the death penalty (Neither logic nor justice in death penalty, April 1), one must assume that he is referring to its non-use on those, who have committed cold-blooded premeditated murder and not just killing.

  • “Not listening to public” claim refuted

    4 April 2014 9.25am.

    Sir, – In his letter Allan Murray is correct in that the Scottish Government’s own attempt to introduce elected non-executive directors to health boards has been abandoned by Act of the Scottish Parliament in November last year as a costly exercise which was much too expensive to roll out across Scotland.

  • Not listening to points raised by the public

    2 April 2014 5.25pm.

    Sir, – With regard to the article in The Courier, March 27, regarding another complaint in respect of the Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy, it would appear that the Scottish Government’s attempt to improve matters as far back as 2010 have failed abysmally.

  • Neither logic nor justice in death penalty

    1 April 2014 7.12pm.

    Sir, – I write in support of Jenny Marra’s excellent article in The Courier (March 28) in which she exposed the brutality and injustice of the death penalty. Just this week, the world’s longest-serving death row inhabitant, relinquished his title, at least temporarily. Hakamada Iwao from Japan was sentenced to death in 1968 for the murder of a factory manager at the plant where he worked.

  • Sistema – plenty opportunity already exists

    31 March 2014 4.16pm.

    Sir, – While I fully support the idea behind the Sistema project – that of bringing children out of poverty through music education – and applaud the dedication of those who are campaigning to bring it here, I feel this project is unnecessary in Dundee.

  • Scots education no longer envy of the world

    31 March 2014 8.57am.

    Sir, – I read in The Courier all the comments regarding the state of education in this country and about the new Curriculum for Excellence that has been introduced.

  • CBI clearly worried by prospect of “yes” vote

    28 March 2014 5.33pm.

    Sir, – It’s no surprise that the Confederation of British Industry, the English-based friend of the Tory Party and the House of Lords, has reared its ugly head, to criticise the Scottish white paper on independence.

  • Need a return to old Scottish school system

    27 March 2014 1.52pm.

    Sir, – Whether the Curriculum for Excellence is a good thing for Scottish schools or not remains to be seen, but it is just one more change in dozens which have been imposed on teachers. The excellence of Scottish education pre-1960 is a widely acknowledged historical fact.

  • A depressing environment in which to learn

    27 March 2014 11.04am.

    Sir, – My daughters are currently at Newport Primary School and are zoned to go to Madras College in St Andrews for their secondary education.

  • Will councillor accept Madras decision?

    25 March 2014 5.59pm.

    Sir, – Councillor Bryan Poole, Fife Council’s executive spokesperson for education and advocate of the proposal to build the replacement Madras College at the poorly located Pipeland Farm was quoted in the Courier on Tuesday March 18 as calling on the community to pull together once the council had made its decision.

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