Readers' Letters

  • Dangers in echo chamber of social media

    26 August 2015 5.35pm.

    Sir, - Was outgoing BBC political editor Nick Robinson right to compare last September’s demonstrations outside the organisation’s headquarters at Pacific Quay in Glasgow with situations in Vladimir Putin’s Russia?

  • Alex Salmond’s power defence unleashes backlash

    26 August 2015 12.10pm.

    Power and ponies will dominate the debate in Thursday’s letters pages.

  • Final V&A costs may soar to £100 million

    25 August 2015 3.37pm.

    Sir, - It would appear from John McClelland’s report on the spiralling costs of the V&A that no one appears to be in charge of the project.

  • Salmond row with Robinson to dominate debate

    24 August 2015 5.23pm.

    Thanks to all those who commented on last Friday afternoon’s Letters’ Editor Blog.

  • Massive development could ruin Cupar

    24 August 2015 3.04pm.

    Sir, - I read with interest the article by Cheryl Peebles (August 20) about the Cupar North masterplan.

  • Caring Aberfeldy people helped find Susan

    22 August 2015 11.58am.

    Sir, - I am the friend of Susan McLean who came to Aberfeldy a month ago to fire up the waning search for Susan.

  • From the Letters Editor — new issues for a new term

    21 August 2015 4.12pm.

    A new term on The Courier letters desk always seems to coincide with the schools going back.

  • Planners should put children’s safety first

    21 August 2015 10.35am.

    Sir, - I write with reference to your article, Residents fear sewage will swamp pitches (August 13) regarding concerns raised by Crieff residents about health and wellbeing risks to young people from development of the pitches at Dallerie by Morrison’s Academy.

  • Fife libraries must adapt for the future

    20 August 2015 10.49am.

    Sir, - I write in response to Bob Taylor’s letter (August 15) in which he challenged me to say whether I supported Heather Stuart’s approach to Fife library closures.

  • Council needs to act over Perth parking

    19 August 2015 4.45pm.

    Sir, - I am aware of motorists having trouble in the multi-storey car park at Kinnoull Street in Perth city centre and I think some of your readers might be interested in my experience when I parked there on July 15 for the first time since the changeover of operation, and found myself faced with the new machine.

  • Remember suffering of troops in Far East

    18 August 2015 10.30am.

    Sir, - The photographs of the aftermath of the Nagasaki bombing on display at Fife’s secret bunker near Anstruther (August 15) provide a lot of food for thought.

  • Youth opportunities have been exported

    17 August 2015 3.39pm.

    Sir, - The latest unemployment figures are a continuation of a long string of bad news spun into good news.

  • Nationalisation of industry would ruin UK

    17 August 2015 9.45am.

    Sir, - I get a distinct nostalgic glow when I think about Jeremy Corbyn leading Labour.

  • Nationalisation of industry would ruin UK

    14 August 2015 3.18pm.

    Sir, - I get a distinct nostalgic glow when I think about Jeremy Corbyn leading Labour.

  • University can help stop China ivory trade

    13 August 2015 4.52pm.

    Sir, - I was horrified to read (August 6) that Dundee University will be educating Chinese students in the health sector.

  • Don’t return to socialist misery of 1970s

    12 August 2015 3.41pm.

    Sir, - As a committed Conservative I have got to say I viewed the catastrophic demise of the Labour Party (especially in Scotland) with some trepidation.

  • Geothermal energy could power Scotland

    11 August 2015 2.43pm.

    Sir, - With Longannet power station in the final throes of providing an energy supply to the Scottish grid, we see that the National Grid and the Westminster ruling elite is capable of forcing Scots to their knees by restricting their power supplies.

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