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Strongest coalition since wartime government?

26 November 2014 10.30am.

Sir, — The recent by-election result in Rochester makes for interesting thought. If UKIP and the Conservatives were to combine on the strengths of the result, together they could form the strongest coalition group, in power, since the national wartime government.

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SNP have forgotten their responsibilities

24 November 2014 7.06pm.

Sir, – As a proud Scot and British citizen my aspirations for my country lapse back to the shores of a forgotten time when Scotlànd was a beacon for education and economics sending talented souls out into the world to establish companies and organise countries.

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  • It is simply an excuse for cost cutting

    24 November 2014 8.52am.

    Sir, – With regard to your front page story, Poverty fears over school day proposals (November 18), I would like to point out a couple of things to education officer Donna Manson.

  • It’s no wonder churches are emptying

    22 November 2014 10.45am.

    Sir, – With regard to the Rev Dr John Cameron’s letter in Wednesday’s Courier, I find it hard to believe that a man of the cloth can write such barmy tosh that is totally insulting to all working class people. I have previously criticised the man’s politics in the letters page, but this latest contribution is disgraceful and something of a throwback in terms of attitude.

  • Labour shambles: Hardie must be spinning

    21 November 2014 10.30am.

    Sir, – Your correspondent Mr Auchterlonie posed the very proper question: why would SNP forget about independence?

  • Why would SNP forget about independence?

    20 November 2014 10.30am.

    Sir, – The referendum is some four weeks in the past and the SNP are often accused of going over the ground again and again. However, judging by the letters in The Courier I notice the same suspects, such as a certain Mr Cameron, can’t seem to let it go either and constantly berate Alex Salmond for even mentioning Scottish independence.

  • Why should UK pay for foreign children?

    19 November 2014 8.41am.

    Sir, – I was outraged to read about Nick Clegg’s ludicrous suggestion for paying child benefit at local rates in Europe. It shows how out of touch he is, not only with the majority of public opinion on this issue, but with the Conservative Party who he is supposed to be working together with for the good of this country.

  • A sad reflection on 21st Century Britain

    17 November 2014 4.46pm.

    Sir, – While I don’t condone the alleged attack on a member of job centre staff (“Man held after alleged assault at Job Centre” Courier, November 13) I can certainly understand why this may have happened.

  • Looking to strengthen bargaining position

    17 November 2014 9.49am.

    Sir, – It would seem that Jenny Hjul has ceased her character assassination of Alex Salmond and turned her attention to his successor.

  • How much will be left over to build school?

    14 November 2014 7.41pm.

    Sir, – When I asked about the financial issues regarding a new school budget for both Pipeland and North Haugh at St Andrews I was told that figures were not available and could not be discussed as it was not a planning matter.

  • It’s not good to put all our eggs in one basket

    13 November 2014 2.51pm.

    Sir, – The letter by M Parkin (November 7), regarding powers handed to Scotland by Westminster since 1999 beggars belief. He seems to have taken a few subjects and banded them together, and made it look like Westminster gave us control of these affairs.

  • PR would only lead to greater squabbling

    12 November 2014 6.30pm.

    Sir, – I refer to Alan Bell’s letter (November 10) concerning proportional representation. While, intellectually, this may seem a good idea (and is an idea long beloved by the Liberal Democrats) the likely reality would be an increase in dysfunctionality and political squabbling at national government level.

  • Festival success — sincere thanks to all

    12 November 2014 10.10am.

    Sir, – On behalf of the Royal British Legion Scotland (RBLS), Angus and Perthshire Area, Festival of Remembrance I would like to convey sincere thanks to those members of the RBLS, regimental associations, war widows and cadet forces who attended with their standards, and to those members of the armed forces, regulars and reservists, cadet units and national bodies, and the veterans and the war widows, who made up the muster, without which the festival would not be possible.

  • Review should include genuine survey

    10 November 2014 8.01am.

    Sir, – Alex Rowley MSP’s critique of NHS Fife, demanding an independent review, will strike a chord here. He should have addressed that when leader of Fife Council for almost three years.

  • Dundee’s impressive twin display of fireworks

    8 November 2014 1.58pm.

    Sir, – I watched Dundee’s fireworks displays from the beach at Broughty Ferry, a wonderful sight reflected across a glassy calm Tay.

  • Dundee’s impressive twin display of fireworks

    8 November 2014 7.56am.

    Sir, – I watched Dundee’s fireworks displays from the beach at Broughty Ferry, a wonderful sight reflected across a glassy calm Tay.

  • Illegal drugs should be treated the same way as alcohol and tobacco

    7 November 2014 7.52am.

    Sir, – As expected, the Home Office report into drugs and punishment endorsed the opinion of Prof David Nutt, Gordon Brown’s Drugs Czar — an opinion for which he was sacked.

  • Why would we trust any of them to govern?

    6 November 2014 7.49am.

    Sir, – In Tuesday’s Courier your correspondent A T Geddie, in true undemocratic fashion, wishes “indy” supporters would “go away, back to their proper jobs”.

  • Can’t allow one country to dominate EU

    5 November 2014 5.47pm.

    Sir, – I don’t know why some people think I have something against the European Union. It is/was a good idea when it began. It was a free trade area – well almost. The French didn’t seem to think it applied to them.

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