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Readers' Letters

  • Independence referendum Letters special

    29 August 2014 11.46am.

    On August 28 The Courier carried a special double page of letters on the independence referedum.

  • Wrong venue for T in the Park

    29 August 2014 11.38am.

    Sir, – As a former resident of Auchterarder I was appalled to read of a decision to transfer T in the Park to Strathallan Castle next year.

  • Council should look for best value for money

    28 August 2014 8.29am.

    Sir, – In his defence of Fife Council’s decision to follow the expensive route for care provision, Gavin Yates tells us that it’s “right for service users and for the council”. It is right for service users, but so was the alternative, which would have seen all service-users with the service that 76% enjoy already. If it’s not good enough for the majority then it’s not good enough full stop and Councillor Yates should be shouting that from the rooftops.

  • You’re blaming the wrong people, Jenny

    27 August 2014 9.32am.

    Sir, – Jenny Hjul continues her personal attacks on anyone who intends to vote “yes” and in particular blames Alex Salmond for having the independence vote.

  • Move by Angus Council an ill-advised step

    25 August 2014 5.44pm.

    Sir, – I read with interest your story of Thursday 21 August regarding Angus Council’s decision to scrap the traditional summer and Christmas midday closures for its schools. Having spent most of my career in schools, including some in Angus, I think this step a very ill-advised one.

  • Farming will thrive in independent Scotland

    23 August 2014 1.50pm.

    Sir, – I wish to respond to points raised by Andrew Gilmour in his letter, Will last to leave please turn out the lights (August 18).

  • More democratic following “yes” vote?

    22 August 2014 8.52am.

    Sir, – Newspapers recently ran an advert from the Scottish Government suggesting that Scotland could be a more democratic country following a “yes” vote. Really?

  • I look forward to bright future with confidence

    21 August 2014 8.33am.

    Sir, – I couldn’t disagree more with the views of Dr John Cameron (letters, August 16) that an “it’ll be alright on the night” attitude is “profoundly irresponsible”.

  • Reduction not due to rod-caught salmon

    19 August 2014 5.43pm.

    Sir, – Your article, Fishing group fears salmon crisis in Angus river (August 14), states that, according to Scottish Government figures there were 66,000 rod-caught salmon in Scotland last year.

  • Will last to leave please turn out the lights!

    18 August 2014 5.57pm.

    Sir, – On Thursday you published almost two pages devoted to the thoughts of four former NFUS presidents and their backing for the Yes campaign. Sadly, their ramblings show that they are ex-presidents and, therefore, perhaps now out of touch.

  • Handful of people holding us all to ransom

    18 August 2014 9.20am.

    Sir, – Like many parents, I was appalled at the news of a judicial review being lodged to try to stop a new school being built, and only partially relieved to hear they currently lack the funds to carry it through.

  • We need to stop obsessing with internal trivia

    18 August 2014 9.17am.

    Sir, – The referendum debate is surely becoming much too personality based, particularly this childish obsession with the currency, which television “debates” do nothing to help.

  • Deserve respect for initiating judicial review

    14 August 2014 5.25pm.

    Sir, – Three ex-Madras senior teachers, with 108 years’ secondary school experience, deserve respect not scorn for initiating the judicial review of Fife Council’s Pipeland decision-making.

  • Tiresome message is falling on deaf ears

    12 August 2014 6.37pm.

    Sir, – Is there really any need for a further debate on TV between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling? The weaknesses in the SNP case for independence were thoroughly exposed in the last joust between the two.

  • Time to end this clumsy one-upmanship

    11 August 2014 2.40pm.

    Sir, – Crossing the Forth Road Bridge last week I noticed the north tower had a large union flag flying from it. Once home, I enquired of FETA (Forth Estuary Transport Authority) the reason for this.

  • Attitude and standard of argument insulting

    9 August 2014 12.10pm.

    Sir, – I recorded the independence debate for convenience, but the few snippets I saw on news broadcasts led me to delete it, and I certainly won’t watch the “return leg”.

  • Should apologise for Twitter comment

    8 August 2014 5.14pm.

    Sir, – As I was outraged and felt insulted by Councillor Duff’s description of me, and others who intend to vote “no, thanks” in the referendum as “second class Scots” (Courier, August 5), I contacted him to demand an apology.

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