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T in the Park ‘crime wave’ claim ridiculous

22 July 2014 4.59pm.

Sir – Just over a week ago, T in the Park said an emotional goodbye to the local community of Kinross after 18 years of staging the festival there. We held a breakfast attended by residents, Police Scotland and many of the event’s staff.

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Carnoustie’s Commonwealth cash waste

21 July 2014 5.01pm.

Sir, – Am I the only one who cannot wait for the Commonwealth Games to disappear as, being a resident of Carnoustie, I look at all the waste of money spent on this area alone?

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  • Poverty is fault of political failure of socialism

    21 July 2014 10.38am.

    Sir, – I refer to the letter from John Stenhouse (Courier July 2) in which he attempts to resort to personal attacks without apparently wishing to understand the underlying point.

  • Spaceport is great deal for UK — not bribery

    18 July 2014 4.14pm.

    Sir, – I’m rather disappointed that Jim Duthie seems to have convinced himself that the proposed spaceport programme is a “blatant piece of bribery” by Westminster to help the No campaign.

  • Nobody knows and SNP can’t say

    17 July 2014 5.15pm.

    Sir, – In Monday’s Letters Mr Bertram claims the No campaign has been negative and disingenuous.

  • Big business bids to bypass voters

    16 July 2014 6.16pm.

    Sir, — I write to alert your readers to one of the biggest threats to face public services, and our health service in particular, in decades.

  • Rockets fly both ways in Holy Land

    15 July 2014 6.27pm.

    Sir, — It seems somewhat debatable when you refer to the “Israeli offensive in Gaza” (Saturday’s Courier), well knowing that Israel is responding to a Hamas offensive in which rockets are being fired indiscriminately into Israel.

  • Dualling of A9 not good use of resources

    14 July 2014 5.59pm.

    Sir, – The Scottish Government has committed itself to dual the full length of the A9.

  • Politicians always think they know best

    14 July 2014 9.19am.

    Sir, – What an excellent and factual letter from George Thomson in Thursday’s Courier in relation to the working of Police Scotland.

  • Doctors shortage ‘timebomb’

    11 July 2014 5.38pm.

    Sir, – The Scottish Children’s Services Coalition, a coalition of third and independent sector children’s services, noted with some concern the ticking timebomb that is being created by training posts for psychiatrists going unfilled, according to figures from Health Education Scotland.

  • Stop and look at police tactics

    10 July 2014 4.33pm.

    Sir, – Further to the letter from Mr Murray on the failure of Police Scotland to adequately safeguard the property of the Glenrothes Cricket Club, this may be the result of a complete change of emphasis in the way Scotland is now policed.

  • Courier’s poll puts us out in front

    9 July 2014 5.24pm.

    Sir, – Congratulations to The Courier for organising your poll across your entire circulation area. The results, published on July 3, make fascinating reading.

  • Independence – same book, different cover

    7 July 2014 5.44pm.

    Sir, – I have been asked by numerous people over the last year how I intend to vote in September. I have to say that I would vote “yes” in a heartbeat but will probably vote “no”. The answer I give is always the same.

  • Wayward cyclists don’t get off scot-free abroad

    7 July 2014 8.56am.

    Sir,—It was interesting to read Lorraine Wilson’s recent Friday article in the Courier (Cyclists need to be ‘legally safe’ on roads too, June 27) as it brought to mind a chat we had with two police officers a few weeks ago.

  • Angus voters deserve better than this

    4 July 2014 4.21pm.

    Sir, – I was very disappointed to hear about the behaviour of Labour’s candidate for Angus for the general election next year, Kathy Wiles (comparing the children of Yes Scotland campaigners to Hitler Youth and calling for Jeremy Clarkson to be shot). It is welcome that she has resigned as candidate and apologised for her comments.

  • Education – we need to halt the decline

    3 July 2014 6.30pm.

    Sir, –You will no doubt have seen a certain amount of vitriol displayed by some former Labour Ministers towards the Prince of Wales for suggesting, some time ago, that the number of grammar schools in England should be increased.

  • A big difference in terms of accountability

    2 July 2014 4.26pm.

    Sir, – Your correspondent ADF Maclean (Had to Laugh Out Loud, yesterday’s Courier) makes the fair point that taxpayers’ money is often used for overtly political purposes. However, on the issue of the referendum, there is a big difference in terms of accountability in what is being done in our name by the Scottish and UK Governments.

  • This was not one of Scotland’s finest hours

    1 July 2014 6.16pm.

    Sir, – My husband and I went along to the Bannockburn Live event on Saturday. We were really looking forward to this event which was billed as being one of the year’s highlights in Scotland.

  • Appalled by glossy 15-page ‘no’ pamphlet

    28 June 2014 2.23pm.

    Sir, – Anyone who was under any illusions about the depths to which the London propaganda machine would stoop in order to misguide the Scottish people into voting “no” at the referendum, should consider the new 15-page, expensive looking, glossy, A5 pamphlet, produced by HM Government, at great cost to the taxpayer, to inundate Scottish households with their Better Together misinformation.

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