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First Minister has every right to take this stance

30 January 2015 4.29pm.

Sir, – Criticism of politicians and political parties is fair game provided there is at least a certain amount of accuracy to go with it. John Cameron of St Andrews, had a go at the outcome of the Smith Commission report on further powers for Scotland by first insulting Gordon Brown, before labelling Nicola Sturgeon as unprincipled and opportunistic for abandoning an agreement that her party had made regarding voting on English bills.

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I don’t believe Kinnoull deer cull is necessary

29 January 2015 11.35am.

Sir, – I was shocked to read about proposals to slaughter deer on Kinnoull Hill.

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Incorrect to say public chose this V&A design

28 January 2015 12.19pm.

Sir, – Graham Huband, in his otherwise fair article, “Simple truth behind huge increase in cost of V&A” in The Courier on January 21, said that the V&A team had his sympathy as “they didn’t choose the building they are tasked with constructing – the public did”.

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  • Jenny wrong about Sir Peter Housden

    26 January 2015 12.08pm.

    Sir, – Jenny Hjul (January 21) appears to have misunderstood the true function of the Civil Service within the UK.

  • FoE Tayside simply ignoring the reality

    23 January 2015 10.03am.

    Sir, – Andrew Llanwarne completely ignores reality (We should take the lead again, Tuesday’s letters).

  • It seems that multiculturalism is a failure

    22 January 2015 3.38pm.

    Sir, —There appears to be irrefutable evidence that the European experiment of unrestrained multicultur-alism has been a failure. Instead of having brought the benefits promised they have instead translated into extremism, radical doctrinaire and violence .

  • Hardly an incentive to take a salaried post

    21 January 2015 3.03pm.

    Sir, – In 2010 when the coalition started their sledgehammer attack on people who were receiving benefits, forcing many to use foodbanks and driving some to suicide with the hard line approach with ATOS, their justification was to make work pay.

  • Delay V&A until we can afford to build it

    20 January 2015 3.33pm.

    Sir, – Why is anyone surprised at the sudden increase in the cost of the V&A? It was inevitable.

  • Schools’ charitable status petition misguided

    19 January 2015 4.01pm.

    Sir, – In your edition of January 14 you printed Ms Ashley Husband Powten’s argument in support of her petition for the removal of charitable status for private schools.

  • Safety of all road users has to be considered

    19 January 2015 7.54am.

    Sir, – I am very much in agreement with the comments made by George Gammack in his letter (No wholesale changes, January 15).

  • An inexplicable obsession with windfarms

    16 January 2015 6.14pm.

    Sir, — We should applaud the RSPB’s decision in the “public interests of the UK’s natural environment” to challenge the proposal to festoon the Tay and Forth estuaries with wind turbines. About time, too!

  • Freedom of expression can never be absolute

    15 January 2015 5.28pm.

    Sir, – Just before Christmas I renewed my subscription to a well known British satirical magazine. One of the reasons I did so was the high quality of some of its cartoons.

  • ‘Selected figures’ used to support argument

    14 January 2015 5.52pm.

    Sir, – Andrew Dundas in his riposte to David Fenwick (letters, January 9) is highly selective when choosing figures to support his argument concerning Denmark’s standard of living. To focus solely on income tax is at best disingenuous, at worst dishonest.

  • Why should we tolerate this behaviour?

    13 January 2015 5.17pm.

    Sir, – Following the latest Islamic outrage in Paris it must be becoming apparent to leaders of western society that Islam is not trying to integrate with other religions followed in the western world.

  • He will galvanise those with other views

    12 January 2015 5.41pm.

    Sir, – Alex Salmond (Home rule is my goal, front page story, Thursday January 8) is in no position to tell us what we want.

  • If that makes me a fanatic I’m proud of it

    10 January 2015 1.21pm.

    Sir, – In reply to Iain Richmond’s letter in Wednesday’s Courier, I am, by his ridiculous definition, a fanatic.

  • Desperately trying to hang on to power

    9 January 2015 9.58pm.

    Sir, – I honestly believe David Cameron is deluding himself and trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the British electorate if he feels he can bring about change while still remaining part of the EU, no matter how good his intentions are.

  • How do they survive if Scotland couldn’t?

    8 January 2015 5.39pm.

    Sir, – In his letter of January 5, Derek Farmer trots out the tired old unionist line that Scotland is too wee and poor to be a successful independent country; a line that becomes ever more tiresome the more often it is used by those who seem to have very little else to offer the debate. He also throws in the price of oil, as if oil is a curse on Scotland rather than a boon.

  • SNP’s doublespeak will not fool anyone

    7 January 2015 5.10pm.

    Sir, – Nicola Sturgeon’s claim that Jim Murphy’s argument — that only Labour is capable of keeping the ­Conservatives out of power — is “an insult to the intelligence of the Scottish people” while she simultaneously asks us to believe that voting for the SNP to hold the balance of power in Westminster would unite “yes” and “no” voters in the belief it would benefit Scotland, really takes the biscuit.

  • Forthcoming election will be fascinating

    6 January 2015 2.05pm.

    Sir, – Only very rarely could anyone find politics, or elections, exciting but the forthcoming one may be one of those rare occasions when it is.

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