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Time to move on and get the school built

27 March 2015 5.17pm.

Sir, – After two years of public consultation, the decision to build the new Madras College at Pipeland is final. The Judicial Review has dismissed the STEPAL challenge in the strongest possible terms, validating Fife Council’s choice of site.

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First Minister’s attitude is damaging Scotland

26 March 2015 4.33pm.

Sir, – I am increasingly concerned about the behaviour and attitude of First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. She would appear to have forgotten, or chosen to ignore, the result of the referendum, when the Scottish people voted decisively to say “no” to independence.

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  • What are the odds of all that happening?

    23 March 2015 3.44pm.

    Sir; – Annette Birkett’s alarmist letter concerning the new Madras College appears to be based on a 1970s fictional disaster film.

  • Not mature enough to vote at 16 or 17

    22 March 2015 8.23pm.

    Sir, – Like most of us, I received a pamphlet entitled Scotland’s Changing. Among other matters it enshrines the possibility of according votes to 16 and 17-year-olds. This was nodded through by two scientific ignoramuses — David Cameron and Alex Salmond — for the referendum on Scottish independence.

  • New bin collection proposal “ridiculous”

    20 March 2015 4.21pm.

    Sir, – The latest ramblings of Fife Council on the reorganisation of bin collections are beyond belief. Those responsible for coming up with this scheme of going to three or four-weekly collections for landfill bins have obviously not thought it through properly.

  • Pipeland – a disaster waiting to happen?

    20 March 2015 10.30am.

    Sir, – I recently learned something almost unbelievable about the new Madras school Pipeland plan. The three emergency services are not even “statutory consultees” whose advice Fife Council must consider or follow. It seems they get involved only after projects are completed.

  • Bin this guilty until proven innocent nonsense

    19 March 2015 10.30am.

    Sir, – Re Jack McKeown’s article, “A matter of social justice” (Friday, March 13), I thought all this nonsense had been put to rest.

  • Number of bins issued adding to problem

    17 March 2015 6.07pm.

    Sir, – I have been reading with interest that Dundee City Council are to look at legislative powers to fine householders who fail to take their waste bins in from the street.

  • Problems are piling up for P&K Council

    16 March 2015 5.46pm.

    Sir, – Friday’s Courier highlighted the many local problems facing Perth and Kinross Council.

  • TV presenters should not be above the law

    16 March 2015 7.54am.

    Sir, – Is Jeremy Clarkson or any other BBC presenter above the law?

  • Ban evolution from science lessons?

    13 March 2015 5.42pm.

  • Pipeland — we need “the whole truth”

    13 March 2015 10.33am.

    Sir, – With regard to your reports (March 3 and 6), about Fife Council being accused of giving out partial information and being misleading about the chosen site for a new Madras College I am replying to Alan Paul’s response on Fife Council’s FOI reply about Madras College sites.

  • I support RSPB and steps they have taken

    10 March 2015 6.24pm.

    Sir, – Having read recent articles in The Courier, including Jim Crumley’s, about the RSPB and T in the Park’s proposed move to Strathallan, I am writing in support of the RSPB. They have my full and continued support for the sterling work they do.

  • Charges common to major Christian churches

    9 March 2015 5.46pm.

    Sir, – Rev David Robertson (Letters, March 4) appears to claim that Christian education is the sole way for children to think for themselves. His repeated use of “indoctrination” and “ propaganda” by Humanists are surely charges common to the major Christian churches and also the lesser-known international faiths.

  • Completing database already in existence

    7 March 2015 2.50pm.

    Sir, – I write in response to your article in Thursday’s paper regarding creating a database.

  • Little dictators are destroying democracy

    7 March 2015 10.30am.

    Sir, – No one should be too surprised at the astonishing diktat, reported in The Courier (March 3), issued by “the bossy madam” of the SNP.

  • NHS data sharing the thin end of the wedge

    5 March 2015 7.11pm.

    Sir, – The Scottish Government wants to use the data that NHS Scotland has about me to give to all arms of government.

  • Church attendance decline will continue

    4 March 2015 6.31pm.

    Sir, – I read with some interest the recent piece featuring the Reverend Burton on the state of affairs within the Church of Scotland. Not being religious (I have never been christened) and belonging to no church, I will put forward some personal reflections which are entirely personal and have no basis in fact.

  • Planning process– a discussion we must have

    3 March 2015 4.15pm.

    Sir, – Public trust in the planning process around major infrastructure developments is at an all-time low. It’s not just about windfarms; a snapshot of letters pages and online media on any given day reveals angst and suspicion stemming from the sacrifice of areas of wild land, natural heritage, historic landscapes and greenbelt to commercial priorities.

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