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  • A big thank you for doing the right thing

    14 December 2014 9.15am.

    Sir, — It’s understandable to have sympathy with the annoyance that is engendered by communities and residents alike who are faced with the proliferation of Yes signs that continue to blight areas long after their relevance has expired.

  • Lib Dems have failed area and Scotland

    11 December 2014 6.00pm.

    Sir, — It is concerning that a representative of Perthshire Lib Dems laughed at my recent letter. Deciding to implement the loathsome bedroom tax, benefit sanctions and cuts to disability benefits is no laughing matter, in my opinion. Perhaps, instead of laughing over these appalling decisions made while in government, he could explain why the Lib Dems supported their implementation in the first place.

  • Staying out of Madras tiresome onslaught

    9 December 2014 5.34pm.

    Sir, — I write in response to the recent letter by Mr Bill Sangster, headlined “More questions than answers”.

  • Who came up with crazy ‘shanty town’ idea?

    7 December 2014 9.42am.

    Sir, – On visiting the Fair City recently I was appalled to see big “shanty town” type huts in front of many business premises — businesses that are paying high rates for the privilege of trading in Perth’s main street.

  • Lib Dems rouse themselves from hibernation

    5 December 2014 9.39am.

    Sir, – At this time of year some animals enter a hibernation period. It would appear the Lib Dems in North East Fife are trying to come out of hibernation, but I fear they may be better off going back to sleep — for a long time.

  • Commission a cheap, tawdry PR exercise

    4 December 2014 7.07pm.

    Sir, – James Cormie (letters, December 1) mistakenly believes the Smith Commission is a response to SNP demands. It is not. It certainly can’t be described as giving the SNP, who advocate full independence, “virtually everything” either.

  • How will Gordon Brown be remembered?

    3 December 2014 5.47pm.

    Sir, – Now that Gordon Brown has taken his leave from politics how will he be remembered? I wonder, will it be the “big beast” or the “big fearty”?

  • Capitalism – it allows greed to flourish

    3 December 2014 12.56pm.

    Sir, – Iain G Richmond’s glowing eulogy in support of wealth creators (letters, November 28) makes interesting reading and will no doubt appeal to those devout supporters of capitalism.

  • Two months later SNP get what they want

    1 December 2014 5.00pm.

    Sir, – It is appalling that the so-called “unionist” parties (Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem) have, in Lord Smith’s Commission report, conceded virtually everything that the SNP want, just two months after a clear majority of the Scottish people decisively rejected separatism in the referendum.

  • Let those who can create wealth flourish

    28 November 2014 5.35pm.

    Sir, – The in phrase in politics these days seems to be “a fairer society”. Somehow it would appear, or at least our political masters would like it to appear, that there is a vast and growing community of downtrodden, impoverished Scots whose lot in life is nothing other than foodbanks, benefits and charity.

  • Little wonder service is doomed to failure

    26 November 2014 3.27pm.

    Sir, – I have written before regarding Dundee’s air link to London.

  • Strongest coalition since wartime government?

    26 November 2014 10.30am.

    Sir, — The recent by-election result in Rochester makes for interesting thought. If UKIP and the Conservatives were to combine on the strengths of the result, together they could form the strongest coalition group, in power, since the national wartime government.

  • SNP have forgotten their responsibilities

    24 November 2014 7.06pm.

    Sir, – As a proud Scot and British citizen my aspirations for my country lapse back to the shores of a forgotten time when Scotlànd was a beacon for education and economics sending talented souls out into the world to establish companies and organise countries.

  • It is simply an excuse for cost cutting

    24 November 2014 8.52am.

    Sir, – With regard to your front page story, Poverty fears over school day proposals (November 18), I would like to point out a couple of things to education officer Donna Manson.

  • It’s no wonder churches are emptying

    22 November 2014 10.45am.

    Sir, – With regard to the Rev Dr John Cameron’s letter in Wednesday’s Courier, I find it hard to believe that a man of the cloth can write such barmy tosh that is totally insulting to all working class people. I have previously criticised the man’s politics in the letters page, but this latest contribution is disgraceful and something of a throwback in terms of attitude.

  • Labour shambles: Hardie must be spinning

    21 November 2014 10.30am.

    Sir, – Your correspondent Mr Auchterlonie posed the very proper question: why would SNP forget about independence?

  • Why would SNP forget about independence?

    20 November 2014 10.30am.

    Sir, – The referendum is some four weeks in the past and the SNP are often accused of going over the ground again and again. However, judging by the letters in The Courier I notice the same suspects, such as a certain Mr Cameron, can’t seem to let it go either and constantly berate Alex Salmond for even mentioning Scottish independence.

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