Readers' Letters

  • We have let down future generations

    26 June 2015 3.55pm.

    Sir, -The effrontery of Tory councillor Andy Heer (June 22) in questioning Fife Council cuts is beyond belief.

  • Airgun laws would deplete police resources

    26 June 2015 3.49pm.

    Sir, - It appears that the Scottish Government are to push ahead with the licensing of airguns and that 76% of Courier readers who took part in your poll last week are in favour of this.

  • Algae solutions from across The Pond

    24 June 2015 4.58pm.

    Sir, - Your newspaper has brought to attention on a number of occasions the algae blight at Keptie Pond, Arbroath, and Angus Council’s ongoing attempts to deal with it.

  • Let’s preserve splendour of Lunan Bay

    23 June 2015 4.56pm.

    Sir, - Being the owner of the car park at Lunan Bay, I would like to comment on your article, Campers’ unwelcome lock-in (June 17).

  • Airgun licensing will punish thousands

    20 June 2015 12.38pm.

    Sir - The most recent set of statistical data on recorded crimes and offences involving firearms in Scotland for 2013-14 has finally been published.

  • Cricket lives on at Morrison’s Academy

    19 June 2015 5.40pm.

    Sir - I need to clarify an important point in relation to the story carried by your newspaper recently over the decision by the director of sport at Morrison’s Academy to move away from cricket as the main summer sport.

  • Dundee needs even more cycle investment

    19 June 2015 10.30am.

    Sir - It was good to read that Dundee City Council is behind plans to improve the city’s Green Circular Route.

  • Convenience of Kinnoull Street car park

    17 June 2015 4.29pm.

    Sir - Having read the latest in a long series of letters and articles about the payment system at Perth Kinnoull Street car park, I feel I must say something in its defence.

  • SNP no threat to democracy in Scotland

    16 June 2015 7.12pm.

    Sir, - Anthony Garrett (June 12) is shocked that calls are continuing for Alistair Carmichael to step down. He attributes this to a vendetta being waged by the SNP.

  • We should not accommodate intolerance

    15 June 2015 3.17pm.

    Sir, - I write in agreement with your correspondent David Kelly (June 11) who argued that a proposed Orange Order march in Perth should not be subsidised.

  • Cricket not too complicated for children

    12 June 2015 3.41pm.

    Sir, - I read with dismay that cricket at Morrison’s Academy, Crieff, will end.

  • Justice now the preserve of the wealthy

    11 June 2015 4.48pm.

    Sir, - I read with interest the article by Alex Salmond (June 8) and he rightly identifies the misuse of the justice system by those having power and money to pursue their own agenda.

  • Police ignoring security of rural areas

    10 June 2015 4.53pm.

    Sir, - I was amused to read your article (June 6) in which Police Scotland attempted to portray their re-invention of the wheel as a sparkling initiative.

  • Sheku’s family deserve our support

    10 June 2015 10.30am.

    Sir, – I took part in the funeral procession for Sheku Bayoh, the man who died in the hands of the police over five weeks ago, and was also at the public meeting later in the afternoon.

  • Europe paying high price of peace dividend

    8 June 2015 5.36pm.

    Sir, - Your correspondent B. Ferguson (June 6) gave voice to real concerns many of us in this country share.

  • Abuse of data by commercial concerns

    5 June 2015 3.45pm.

    Sir, - The Data Protection Act applies only to living persons.

  • Hard questions for nationalists over EU

    4 June 2015 5.48pm.

    Sir, - As Nicola Sturgeon’s love affair with the EU becomes more apparent, so does her seeming inability to understand what being part of a union entails.

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