Readers' Letters

  • Bridge failure should have been foreseen

    2 February 2016 10.30am.

    Sir, - I find myself musing as to how many other readers of your newspaper are as sick and tired as I am at having their intelligence routinely insulted by Holyrood SNP politicians who are clearly out of their depth in the roles they occupy.

  • Impose embargo on new Scone housing

    1 February 2016 8.23am.

    Sir - I and others welcome Scone resident Mr Ridley’s comments about Atholl Street/Bridgend, Perth, being one of the most polluted areas in Scotland (January 23).

  • Complex problems of saving hen harriers

    30 January 2016 10.30am.

    Sir, - Nicolle Hamilton described Jim Crumley’s article (January 19) on grouse shooting as unbalanced and distorted.

  • Pubs can bring cheer to our communities

    29 January 2016 10.30am.

    Sir, - A study by Oxford University (The Courier January 25) has found that regulars with a pub nearby are significantly happier, have more friends, better life satisfaction and actually drink in more moderation.

  • Insurers refuse to pay for pothole damage

    27 January 2016 10.30am.

    Sir - I read with interest the letter from Mr Newman (January 21) concerning his claim against Angus Council for damage suffered to his car as a result of a pothole in the road.

  • Absence of trust over protection of raptors

    27 January 2016 10.30am.

    Sir, - In response to letters by Kenneth Stephen and Tim Baynes (January 22) it might be worth pointing out that crimes against raptors on or around the vicinity of grouse moors have continued despite it being made illegal many years ago.

  • Shooting brings conservation benefits

    25 January 2016 2.09pm.

    Sir, - Jim Crumley’s unbalanced opinion piece (January 19) gives a distorted view of the countryside and those who look after it.

  • Better mobile coverage may come at price

    25 January 2016 9.12am.

    Sir, - Doing a deal with the electricity companies looks like a very smart move by the telecommunication operators.

  • Councillors should stand up to Travellers

    23 January 2016 10.29am.

    Sir, - The rate and taxpayers of Dundee have had to put up with the blatant disregard for any civilised behaviour from the travelling community for far too long.

  • I missed out on council pothole payout

    21 January 2016 4.16pm.

    Sir, - I was interested to read your article (January 16), Councils losing pothole-repairs battle, which goes on to state that in 2014, Scottish councils paid out £1,400 per day over the previous five years in pothole compensation. That is rather a lot.

  • Windfarms have damaged energy security

    20 January 2016 5.42pm.

    Sir, - Jeanette Thomson of Binn Eco Park (January 12) complains it is unfair their proposed windfarm has missed the deadline for subsidy.

  • We should not halt progress in Glenfarg

    19 January 2016 4.28pm.

    Sir, - The stand-off between residents and the owner of the Glenfarg Hotel makes for disappointing reading.

  • Let Waverley redevelopment go ahead

    18 January 2016 4.50pm.

    Sir, – Some three years ago, foreign visitors of ours commented on the boarded-up former Waverley Hotel in Perth and assumed that it had been recently damaged and was awaiting imminent renovation as would befit a building at the entrance to our city.

  • We need flood consultation from Sepa

    15 January 2016 2.13pm.

    Sir, - I read your article, Priority flood schemes for Tayside and Fife (January 12) with considerable interest, particularly the comments by Terry A’Hearn of Sepa on the development of flood-risk management strategies.

  • Dalguise flood problem could be solved

    14 January 2016 4.04pm.

    Sir, - The big difference between the calamitous floods around Scotland and the floods in Dalguise is that the floods here were entirely man made.

  • Closure poor reflection on Dunfermline

    13 January 2016 4.03pm.

    Sir, - Claire Warrender’s excellent report of January 8 about the Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline, rejecting “misleading and inaccurate’ closure-threat reports” records a very bad impression of The Auld Grey Toun.

  • Chairman to blame for United’s decline

    12 January 2016 1.19pm.

    Sir,- I read Stephen Thompson’s comments on Dundee United’s recruitment policy last summer with interest and a fair degree of incredulity.

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