Readers' Letters

  • Political fall-out hits Scots farmers

    14 April 2015 5.25pm.

    Sir, — Few people outside of the farming community will have attached much significance to Ewan Pate’s excellent article (April 10) - Irish beef cattle trade represents marked contrast.

  • Bank phone calls a source of frustration

    13 April 2015 4.53pm.

    Sir, — Today I made a telephone call to the Royal Bank of Scotland.

  • Angus home help should be top priority

    10 April 2015 4.44pm.

    Sir, — How can it be that Angus councillors are too late to speak up to save the service? (“Councillors too late to save home help service” – Courier April 8.

  • 'Jockophobia' has no place in the election

    10 April 2015 11.00am.

    Sir, — I write to express the sense of shame and disappointment I feel for the Westminster system and some areas of the media.

  • Murphy re-brand moves have failed

    9 April 2015 12.19pm.

    Sir, — The recent Labour Party conference was dominated by attempts to re-brand Jim Murphy.

  • Lack of ambition from Dundee United board

    8 April 2015 10.38am.

    Sir, – As a lifelong Dundee United supporter I am appalled by the tone of and the lack of ambition shown in the statement by the club’s board reported in The Courier on Friday.

  • We should not play political games with Gaelic

    7 April 2015 1.44pm.

    Sir, – I write in response to recent queries on the Gaelic spelling of Perth from Garry Barnett and Bob Ferguson.

  • Crematorium road was imposed on Perth

    6 April 2015 11.11am.

    Sir, – We wish to extend our gratitude to the five councillors who voted against the proposed road at Perth Crematorium.

  • No modern need for abortion on demand

    3 April 2015 3.51pm.

    Sir, – It seems from your report (March 30) that abortion rights campaigners demand the right to free speech but are unwilling to offer the same democratic right to anyone who disagrees with them.

  • North Haugh can accommodate new school

    3 April 2015 3.44pm.

    Sir, – The scorn and attempted irony by Colin Topping of Glenrothes in his letter of March 23 do him no credit.

  • It is time to end this notion of entitlement

    1 April 2015 5.20pm.

    Sir, – The United Kingdom General Election will take place almost exactly 75 years to the day since Winston Churchill entered the House of Commons as Prime Minister and made one of the most famous speeches in the history of this country.

  • There is no need for synthetic SNP socialists

    31 March 2015 6.18pm.

    Sir, – Jennifer Dempsie appears to be foolish and deluded in her March 26 column headlined, “we need SNP MPs to stand up for Scotland’s interests — and to keep Miliband focused”.

  • Politicians pursuing their individual agendas

    30 March 2015 4.29pm.

    Sir, — Hamish Carlton’s letter (March 25), in which he is critical of the performance of Nicola Sturgeon, hardly goes far enough.

  • A92 – get this problem sorted out properly

    30 March 2015 4.26pm.

    Sir, – I could not believe my eyes when I read (March 24) that Councillor MacDiarmid believed that “most people” opposed the dualling of the busy killer road, the A92.

  • Are they children, or are they young adults?

    27 March 2015 5.23pm.

    Sir, – The Scottish Government is trying to pass a law to protect children up to the age of 18 from smokers in a car?

  • Time to move on and get the school built

    27 March 2015 5.17pm.

    Sir, – After two years of public consultation, the decision to build the new Madras College at Pipeland is final. The Judicial Review has dismissed the STEPAL challenge in the strongest possible terms, validating Fife Council’s choice of site.

  • First Minister’s attitude is damaging Scotland

    26 March 2015 4.33pm.

    Sir, – I am increasingly concerned about the behaviour and attitude of First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. She would appear to have forgotten, or chosen to ignore, the result of the referendum, when the Scottish people voted decisively to say “no” to independence.

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