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Is Madras College Fife’s poor relation?

17 October 2014 4.11pm.

Sir, – Waid Academy, government-funded through Scottish Futures Trust (SFT), will establish “a community hub . . . innovative, inspirational design for all communities in the East Neuk . . . ground-breaking collaborative project, the first of its kind in Fife”.

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Improvements needed, not more reviews

16 October 2014 5.35pm.

Sir, – Once again those unaccountable, faceless groups are making mischief around the A9 to the detriment of those who live and work along this essential route. No consultation has yet taken place but we are supposed to be reassured that Transport Scotland is reviewing the junctions and will report by the end of the year.

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  • Starve them of the “oxygen of publicity”

    15 October 2014 6.17pm.

    Sir, – The emergency services, with whom I have a lifelong professional and personal association, are right to be very concerned about hoax calls. No-one can argue that their lives are on the line when they respond to all call-outs, as they do willingly, and as they did over the weekend in The Mearns.

  • Independence aim not just a passing whim

    14 October 2014 1.47pm.

    Sir, – With regard to I Pearson’s letter in Friday’s Courier, some people seem to think our aim for independence was a passing whim and because we lost the referendum we should forget about it.

  • Moved to get away from ‘English control’

    13 October 2014 6.21pm.

    Sir, – June Reid (Friday’s letters), should not assume that all those who are not “citizens” of the country voted “no” in the referendum.

  • It is right to pursue those who didn’t pay

    13 October 2014 10.43am.

    Sir, – I must write again in full support of Jenny Hjul’s well-written, researched and concise article about poll tax dodgers and refute to a great, if not total, extent her critics such as Les Mackay (letters, October 10). Jenny and I are not related, incidentally, nor do we know each other.

  • Can we please move on and concentrate on getting best deal from Westminster?

    10 October 2014 4.24pm.

    Sir, – In reply to Brian MacFarlane’s letter, It is not all over yet (October 8), he, like many others, seems to forget that the referendum was a democratic vote which was won by the majority voting to remain as part of the UK.

  • It was a means to achieve a fairer society

    9 October 2014 3.44pm.

    Sir, – Independence for Scotland is a means, not an end in itself.

  • Number plate bound to provoke controversy

    8 October 2014 4.01pm.

    Sir, – When it comes to international diplomacy it appears that television presenter Jeremy Clarkson is becoming almost a toxic brand.

  • Kick in the teeth for those who pay their taxes

    7 October 2014 6.20pm.

    Sir, – The declared intention by the Scottish Government to legislate to prevent councils continuing to lawfully pursue those who did not pay the poll tax is, quite simply, disgraceful, and a kick in the teeth for all those who pay their taxes.

  • School could have been near completion

    6 October 2014 4.01pm.

    Sir, – With his fake online identity exposed, Dr Luke Rendell tries to deflect his humiliation onto those requesting a Court of Session review of Fife Council’s decision process on Madras College’s Pipeland Farm relocation.

  • The last thing Scotland needs right now

    4 October 2014 6.06pm.

    Sir, – Angela Constance has thrown her name into the frame for election as deputy leader of the SNP on the basis that she wishes to keep the independence issue on the agenda for Scotland.

  • Would they do police work unarmed?

    4 October 2014 9.15am.

    Sir, – Now 80 years of age I become more dejected by the day with regard to those responsible for maintaining law and order in this country.

  • Mistake to tar other leaders with same brush

    1 October 2014 5.34pm.

    Sir, – Surely it is too early to conclude that the leaders of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties have reneged on their promise to devolve more powers to Scotland.

  • So, are we really still better together now?

    30 September 2014 7.35pm.

    Sir, – Within minutes of talking to Alex Salmond on September 18, David Cameron moved the goalposts. The famous “vow” (or was it “bribe”?) turned into a conditional theory. Then the Labour leader stated he would honour the pledge to Scotland’s people; he just wouldn’t be drawn on the century in which that would occur.

  • Got the T-shirt and earned right to vote

    29 September 2014 5.14pm.

    Sir, – The palpable contempt for older no voters by Jennifer Dempsey (Thursday’s Courier) and a rump of vociferous yes voters is not only extraordinary but also insulting.

  • The answers to West Lothian Question

    29 September 2014 9.51am.

    Sir, – The answer to the West Lothian Question (aka English votes for English issues) and the broader UK constitutional fallout from the Scottish Referendum lies in the following two-part solution.

  • Labour’s lies see it desert those in need

    26 September 2014 5.28pm.

    Sir, – The Labour Party in Scotland has just committed suicide. It has committed the cardinal political sin of lying to its own supporters and treating them like half-wits.

  • Put power back into local hands

    25 September 2014 6.06pm.

    Sir, – Bring back powers to county councils. Reincarnate burgh, town and city councils and let them be responsible for raising local taxes, be they domestic or business rates and, possibly, sales tax.

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