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Queen of the South 4 Dundee 3: John Brown tells players to shape up or ship out

By Craig Smith, 12 August 2013 9.30am.

Dundee boss John Brown has warned his shell-shocked stars that they must stand up and be counted over the coming weeks — or face being frozen out at Dens Park.

Despite being installed as SPFL Championship favourites, the Dark Blues slumped to a 4-3 opening day defeat at the hands of newly-promoted Queen of the South and left Brown angry at the sloppy goals his men gave away.

And speaking ahead of tonight’s all-important Dundee FC Supporters’ Society (DFCSS) vote on proposed new investment, ‘Bomber’ has suggested that he will not hesitate to cut the dead wood from his squad and bring in new faces to boost their title chances.

“The boys have been told that that’s not acceptable and if they are not going to be up to the task then we’ll get players that will be,” Brown said.

“It’s told me a few things and it’s important that the players know the task ahead.

“They are down as favourites but you’ve got to earn the right. You’ve got to go out there and perform.

“We came back in the end and had a couple of set-pieces that gave us a sniff but if we got anything out of the game we would have been fortunate.

“We started the game really well and scored a good goal, but after the goal we never really created a great deal in the form of efforts in front of goal.

“Full credit to Jim McIntyre’s team because they carved us open on a number of occasions. I think the score flattered us.”

“We’ve got to look at ourselves and when you concede defensive goals like that, if the central defenders are not on their game — and ours weren’t — then it’s a hard task.

“We came back a bit in the second half when it went to 4-1 but it was a damage-limitation job.

“There were periods in the game where you need to be stronger when you don’t have possession.

“We had a back line that was very weak and when you’ve got that your midfield and your front have to come back to try and protect it.”

Brown could soon be given funds to strengthen his squad if the proposed £650,000 cash injection from Football Partners Scotland (FPS) is given the go ahead, and tonight could see that prospect take a step closer.

The club’s majority shareholders, in the shape of DFCSS, will meet at the Gardyne Theatre this evening to discuss whether or not to allow the club to issue sufficient new shares to give the Texas-based FPS consortium a controlling interest in Dundee FC.

If DFCSS vote in favour, a subsequent meeting will be held by the club’s board tomorrow to effectively rubber-stamp the investment.

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Dee4Eva More than 1 year ago
Surely the Manager should carry the can for Saturdays performance, its always someone elses fault eh Broon all mouth and no decency? Bring back Barry!
ian More than 1 year ago
after one game you all want to get a grip
IceWarrior More than 1 year ago
These pitches shouldn't be allowed.
Derek More than 1 year ago
could have been playing on wembly or sand it makes no difference
Sunshine More than 1 year ago
Haha Dundee must have loads money with Browns transfer policy ..... “The boys have been told that that’s not acceptable and if they are not going to be up to the task then we’ll get players that will be,” Brown said. Once again he's making the club look stupid! All that talk last wee that he had the best squad in the division, the wouldna be relegated from SPL if he had the squad last year etc etc ..... to it all crashing down after the first game! If he had been on the training ground last week instead of being in every paper telling his other overrated mate Ally to "grab his directors by the throats" his team would maybe have know more of what was expected! Oh and one last thing, telling every club that Dundee will be an all out attacking team, it'snot rocket science DFC fans better get used to losing 3 or 4 goals a game!
LocalFanLocalTeam More than 1 year ago
Sunshine, I detect a Sellic fan frothing here. Am I right / If I am, can I respectfully ask you to take your OF hatred elsewhere.
Sunshine More than 1 year ago
Hahaha "I detect a Sellic fan frothing here. Am I right / If I am, can I respectfully ask you to take your OF hatred elsewhere" You are wrong! Simple facts about Brown being out of his depth!
Derek More than 1 year ago
Could have been 7, score flattered Dundee
barmyfarmy More than 1 year ago
One game in an the doom mongers at it already! Sunshine! wot have we told ya about commenting on stuff that's none of your concern. keep takin the mogadons. Queens werenae just there to make up the numbers. Its gonna be a long hard season. Opening day defeats are nothing. Dundee will be judged at the end of the season, as champions, play offs or anither year in the 1st. Get a grip!
deedo More than 1 year ago
John Brown has a hard neck he should shape up or ship out
Señor Jimbo More than 1 year ago
If only....Mind you he was probably still distracted celebrating the result from the "big game"at Ibrokes.Must have been hard for him to concentrate after his team crushed the mighty Brechin(no disrespect Brechin)then he had to come back down off cloud 9 once he remembered who is actually paying him.By that time Queens were out of sight.Said last week that he would be of to the Rangers like a shot,but on re-considering,even they are not that desperate....
IceWarrior More than 1 year ago
At least we are scoring, which is a start.
Francis Sinatra More than 1 year ago
Dundee have never really recovered from season '74-'75 and relegation from the first season of the Premier League when it went down to the wire with us, United and Aberdeen.
barmyfarmy More than 1 year ago
Nice points tally for yer team that season dude? As good as season 61-62 eh? haha The day we take any criticism, constructive or otherwise fae Perth. Please shoot us! You farmers should stick to what y'know.... Nothing!
Dan More than 1 year ago
Sure it was 75/76 Maybe im wrong Did St Johnston not finish bottom with massive - goal difference East coast Teams were a shambles that season