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Jim Crumley

Why winter’s future is bleak

December 5 2017

Did you notice that last Friday, December 1, the day you hung up your advent calendar (because nothing says Christmas like chocolate coins), and the first day of meteorological winter, it got milder?

Jim Crumley

Jim Crumley on Michael Marra: Great service to a great man

October 24 2017

The Crumleys, like the Marras, were a Lochee tribe. It’s just possible that Michael and I threw snowballs at each other when some lads from St Mary’s primary (the Mary’s) came up the hill to Ancrum Road primary (the Anky) to mix it up a bit whenever winter obliged with a decent snowfall.

Jim Crumley

Send in the clowns

September 19 2017

Sometimes I think the only people who truly understand the human condition are the great songwriters.