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High need to build on Howe win

December 9 2016

On paper it was the exact right result – a try bonus win against the bottom club – but Dundee HSFP know they dodged a bullet as they try to climb back into the promotion race in BT National league Division One.


Ashe excited to bounce back in 1872 derby

December 23 2016

Only two years Adam Ashe was that guy, the youngster lauded in his first Scotland cap barely out of the Under 20s and apparently set for a long and glittering career in the national team back row.


Howe ‘s revival stalls against Grammar

December 18 2016

You can guess that there’s a sense of acceptance amongst the Howe of Fife faithful in the stand at Duffus Park when you hear more than once “it’s a young team, maybe going down won’t be a bad thing”.