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Restaurant Reviews

Wilde Thyme at Glenturret (30/50)

April 8 2017

Over the years, I have been lucky enough to have been invited to some posh do’s and I am always especially excited when I hear Wilde Thyme are doing the catering because I know the canapés will be amazing.  It does means there will have to be extra planning involved as I’ll clearly need to position myself close to the kitchen in order to make the most of the passing delights but the effort always pays off.

Restaurant Reviews

The Tailend, Dundee (38/50)

March 25 2017

The crocuses are out, the birds are singing and even the daffodils are showing willing.  Is it tempting fate then, to say that spring is on the way? Is it too soon to start dreaming of summer, of long walks in the evening sun, of icy cold glasses of rosé and fish suppers on the beach?

Restaurant Reviews

Hotel Du Vin and Bistro, St Andrews (39/50)

March 18 2017

Scotland is blessed with a myriad of independent eateries and insanely talented and creative chefs leading the way to Michelin stardom.  As much as I love haggis, neeps and tatties, there is so much more to Scottish cuisine right now.

Restaurant Reviews

Avery & Co, Dundee (38/50)

March 11 2017

Dundee is a city full of hard working people, many of whom may not have the luxury of leaving their workplace at lunchtime; but for those who do, there is a vast amount of choice for just grabbing a bit to eat.  Having options is wonderful, but when thrown into making a decision quickly about where to grab a swift lunch with a friend, I wanted quality and convenience - so to Avery & Co we went.

Restaurant Reviews

West Port Bar & Kitchen, St Andrews 38/50

March 4 2017

If you lived in St Andrews in the early 1980s you’ll remember the Britannia Hotel by the West Port in St Andrews. Run by two spinster sisters, it was a sea of tartan carpet, and you were never allowed more than half a pint before being sent on your merry way home.

Restaurant Reviews

Poppy Seed, Callander (38/50)

February 26 2017

Just as I love a bargain or a sale, I also love a secret discovery - finding somewhere new that is not run-of-the-mill and not widely known about but that exceeds expectations.  When out and about in Perthshire at the weekend, we happened upon just that at Poppy Seed.  Not to be judged by the rather special avocado bathrooms or kitsch decor but rather by the charming service and great passion and effort being taken to produce modern and interesting food.

Restaurant Reviews

The Wine Press, Dundee 39/50

February 25 2017

The Wine Press majors in wine. You might have guessed, the clue being in the name and all. But it’s not one of those limited places where it only does what it says on the impressively labelled bottle and nothing else.

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Kingarroch Inn (43/50)

February 18 2017

From the outside, the Kingarroch Inn is everything a country pub should be, from the pristine creamy walls to the fairy lights twinkling around a rose arch.

Restaurant Reviews

Mhor 84 (35/50)

February 11 2017

Having recently visited Monachyle Mhor for an outstanding lunch, I have been desperate to return ever since.  Having said that, I want to keep it as a special treat as I can't demolish a decadent three courses every time I eat out, not with this baby weight that needs shifting in any case.  I therefore decided to try one of the other outlets in the Mhor empire - this time Mhor 84, the motel at the head of the Balquhidder glen.