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Nature Watch

Mushroom hunting in Rannoch Forest

September 8 2018

Mist swirling over the treetops of Rannoch Forest and the drizzle pit-pattering on my cap, making it a day to cast the eyes downwards as I seek out late summer flowers by this Perthshire track edge.

Nature Watch

Hedgehog spotting

September 1 2018

I’m sitting in the garden at dusk, the damp air hanging heavy from recent rain. A bat twirls by the leafy fringes of a sycamore, repeatedly sweeping towards the foliage before fluttering out again as it hunts for flying insects.

Nature Watch

Visiting Dollar glen

August 11 2018

A light pale fluttering of under-wings in the oak canopy above me – a small butterfly, but of a type unknown to me, flying purposefully through the branches, turning for a moment to reveal darker top-wings before disappearing into the foliage.

Nature Watch

Searching for sand martins

August 4 2018

I came with high hopes but was ultimately shocked when I reached the wide curve of the river and saw for the first time the long sandy cut by the far edge of the water.

Nature Watch

Finding the flounders in Kingsbarns

July 28 2018

Following on from a recent snorkelling trip to Lochinver in the north-west Highlands, my appetite had been whetted to such an extent that I couldn’t resist getting the mask and flippers out once more – but this time to explore the underwater world of Courier Country.

Nature Watch

Isle of May

July 21 2018

It is a conundrum I had never previously pondered, but as I watched this puffin standing on a rocky bluff on the Isle of May with its beak packed full of sprats, the inevitable question arose – how is it able to catch several fish at a time, one-after-another, without dropping some it has already caught?

Nature Watch

Discovering Damselflies

July 14 2018

A flash of crimson over the peaty-brown water, and then another one; two damselflies dancing above a little pool on this vast expanse of Perthshire moorland near Pitlochry.

Nature Watch

Forgotten forest

July 7 2018

I was gliding over Scotland’s forgotten forest; a tangled mass of gently waving kelp and a place as rich and diverse in wildlife as any environment imaginable.