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Rab considers the dastardliness of dentistry

April 6 2019

For some time now, my mouth has been the centre of my life. No, madam, I do not refer to shouting the odds nor yet yabbering. I do not yabber. Indeed, I trust my obituary will say: “However, despite these many shortcomings, he did not yabber.”


A walk is a time to think pleasant thoughts

January 26 2019

I think we need to think about thinking this week. You think: “What’s he on about now?” I will now proceed, after a few deep breaths while marshalling my thoughts, to tell you precisely what I’m on about.


Rab McNeil: In the bleak mid-winter?

December 29 2018

Let’s face it, this isn’t New anything that’s coming up on Tuesday. It’s Mid. “Mid-what?” you ask, knowing perfectly well but mindful of the fact that it’s panto season. Mid-winter, of course.


Rab McNeil: Home haircut leaves a lot to be desired!

December 8 2018

I have made a bags of my head again. Regular readers who take copious notes will recall that I cut my own hair. I just feel that handing over responsibility for one’s barnet to a stranger is risky, and I dislike the loss of control as one is strapped into the chair and sedated. Maybe that was just me, right enough.