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Road Test of the Year 2018: BMW M3 CS

December 26 2018

A comfortable interior, efficient hybrid powertrain and the possibility of 148.7mpg. When we asked BMW to send us an M3 CS, we certainly weren’t expecting all this. I’d anticipatedsomething a bit smaller, considerably shoutier and far less hybriddy.

Road Test of the Year 2018: Alpine A110

December 25 2018

The sensation of movement inside a modern car can sometimes feel a little sterile. The protection we get from the outside world and the clever onboard technology creates a little cocoon, disconnected from the road and with little steering feel.

First drive: The Hyundai Tucson 48V does the job without much pretention

December 24 2018

What is it? This is the top-end version of Hyundai’s Tucson – fitted with an all-new powertrain for the brand. It’s a mild-hybrid unit, but fitted to a diesel engine. That means it’s not going to resonate well with your traditional hybrid buyer, but should instead appeal to those who simply want a slightly more powerful, more versatile diesel engine.