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Amber Lights

New whisky guide is a must-have

May 20 2017

Whisky has now become not just a popular drink, but also a major field of study. From whisky appreciation weekends to in-depth whisky tours to university courses, whisky knowledge has almost become an industry in itself. And, year after year, new books on whisky are published that have to jostle for shelf space with those already there.

Amber Lights

Viva Espagna’s low alcohol prices

April 29 2017

It is a fact that governments, in the UK and elsewhere, are increasingly attracted to what one might call “consumption taxes” instead of direct ones such as income tax. And in Britain, arguably the number one consumption tax after VAT is the excise duty on alcohol.

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Single malts’ growing value

April 22 2017

One of the underappreciated facts about international trade is how disproportionately valuable certain goods and commodities are. To take a simple example: the Swiss export (among other things) Gruyere cheese and Rolex watches. However, one Rolex watch can be worth as much as, say, half a ton of Gruyere.

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Down whisky’s rushy glens

April 8 2017

Few people would dispute that many of Scotland’s best-known single malts include the word Glen – what with Glenfiddich, Glenmorangie, Glen Ord, Glen Spey, Glenfarclas and a host of others. Glen has nice connotations, conjuring up visions of a narrow green valley centred on a namesake burn or river flanked by rolling hills purple with heather.

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Whisky: a Scottish success story

April 1 2017

Scotch whisky today is one of today’s great success stories — it contributes £5 billion to the UK economy and earns £4 billion a year overseas — whisky accounts for some 80% of Scottish food and drink exports and a quarter of UK food and drink exports.

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Giving whisky the taste test

March 25 2017

For all I am an unalloyed whisky fan, in one domain I’m a bit of a Luddite. I have a range of favourite whiskies and can usually spot them in a blind tasting.