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Late spring garden update

April 29 2017

This must be the driest April for a long time. Scotland gets rain in the west, and the north, but seems to miss the Tayside region.


Spring flowers are arriving

April 22 2017

Last year we got blest with a terrific display of tulips so we thought it would be a good idea to run with this theme by adding another big bulb plant in the autumn.


A busy time in the garden

April 1 2017

The spring rush is just round the corner. Last year it was in full flow at this time, but spring 2017 has been quite cool, so there has been no rush to start outdoor seed sowing and planting.


The time for tomato growing is ripe

March 11 2017

Tomato growing has always been one of the gardening challenges with great rewards when you pick that first fruit fully ripened on the bush, and then followed by loads more as the season progresses. Summer salads would never be complete without some home grown tomatoes.