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Collectors' Corner

Golf calendar is a rare survivor

May 20 2017

I’VE SEEN heaps of Dundee-related printed ephemera and tons of local golf collectables coming – or going – under the hammer, including rare items at those record-breaking, single-themed golf memorabilia auctions at Bonham’s and Christie’s in the 1990s.

Collectors' Corner

Charming painting recalls fond scene

April 22 2017

IT IS 16 years since I mentioned Robert Gemmell Hutchison in this column. I’m amazed at this, as he is by far one of Scotland’s most popular artists, with an army of admirers on, and beyond, these shores.

Collectors' Corner

Rare Minton vases are flower of collection

March 11 2017

WITH BREXIT in mind, and the debate over access to the European market and customs union reaching trigger point, I can only apologise for gently rubbing readers’ noses in it by introducing a rare pair of Minton ‘free trade’ vases.