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Nature Watch

Opportunity knocks at St Cyrus

February 10 2019

Red-breasted mergansers belong to a group of ducks known as the ‘sawbills’, so called because of the serrated edges to their bills, designed for gripping slippery fish.

Nature Watch

Blending with nature

February 2 2019

Sitting still with hardly a flicker of a muscle, until you blend seamlessly into the landscape and become part of nature is such a productive way for seeking out wildlife; and so it proved in this little strip of woodland by the edge of the Ochils.

Nature Watch

Secrets of the wildwood

January 26 2019

As well as Strathspey, crested tits occur in pine woodlands on the coastal plain of the Moray Firth, Easter Ross and south-east Sutherland. There are an estimated 1,000 – 2,000 breeding pairs in Scotland.

Nature Watch

Perfect kestrels

January 19 2019

Kestrels can be found in a wide variety of habitats, including moorland, farmland, coastal cliffs and in our towns and cities. The field vole is its preferred prey.

Nature Watch

Nature Watch: Wondrous waxwings

December 29 2018

I had just spotted a flock of waxwings in a tree in the front garden of a house in Milnathort, which was like hitting a wildlife jackpot – but  it did present a bit of a dilemma.

Nature Watch

Storm warning for wildlife

December 15 2018

Climate change is causing other impacts upon our seas, including changes in fish distribution, with species like cod moving further northwards, and warmer water fish such as red mullet moving in from the south.

Nature Watch

Countryside enigmas

December 8 2018

A weasel must eat a least once every 24 hours to survive and routinely consumes a third of its weight daily. In winter, weasels can happily live under snow.

Nature Watch

Shetland’s wildlife magic

December 1 2018

Orcas, or killer whales as they are often known, hunt in groups. Those in Scottish waters that live offshore tend to hunt herring and mackerel, whilst inshore populations will take seals and seabirds.

Nature Watch

Naturally diverse Tentsmuir

November 24 2018

Tentsmuir, a place of broad horizons and rolling seas, and out on a tidal lagoon a scattering of resting oystercatchers, their long red bills firmly tucked under their wings as they slept.