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Punk duo Slaves slay Dunfermline basement gig

July 27 2018

“There's a reason there's only two of us onstage,” growls Isaac Holman, the bare-chested drummer doing all the talking and most of the singing. “When me and my friend Laurie (Vincent, the heavily-tattooed guitarist in a leather waistcoat standing alongside him) wanted to start a band, no-one else wanted to join us.”


Review: ‘Jimmy Webb – The Glen Campbell Years’ at Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline

September 15 2016

“There’s an old saying in my country that if you ‘practice, practice, practice you’ll get to the Carnegie Hall. Well, I’ve just found another way to get to the Carnegie Hall!” laughed American song writing legend Jimmy Webb as he took to the stage in Fife for the first time at the Dunfermline version of Carnegie’s New York name sake.