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Readers' letters

Politicians need parental experience

June 20 2017

Sir, - That the new Taoiseach of Ireland, Leo Varadkar, who has just taken office is the gay son of a Hindu immigrant father shows quite how much the Irish Republic has changed in recent decades. And yet I can’t help feeling strong misgivings.

Readers' letters

Give Scotland control of its own resources

May 19 2017

Sir, - Alastair Walker of Guthrie (May 13) in challenging the feasibility of independence, follows his use of hyperbole concerning division in Scotland, which is biblical in scale according to the gentleman, by resorting to the “too wee, too poor” argument beloved of unionists everywhere.

Readers' letters

We are now facing new battle of Britain

May 10 2017

Sir, - If anyone had doubts about the function of the European Union they ought to listen carefully to Messrs Juncker, Barniers, Verhofstad and Tusk as well as Angela Merkel, lined up like Panzers ahead of the Brexit negotiations.

Readers' letters

Green measures have damaged country

April 13 2017

Sir,- Your wildlife columnist Jim Crumley’s acceptance (April 11) of “green”means of saving the planet from adverse climate changes has led to espousal of exceedingly costly measures to curb greenhouse gas output, despite their scientifically speculative and inevitably unproven basis.