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We’ve been enjoying festivals – and whisky- for centuries

December 22 2018

It is interesting how Christmas has in recent decades become the world’s most widely celebrated festive event. In countless countries, even ones where Christianity is a minority faith, or has no adherents, Christmas is celebrated in one form or another. And wherever and however it is celebrated, the odd good drink usually has a key role to play.

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Drinks survey reveals interesting taste trends

December 8 2018

A recent survey looking at which parts of Britain liked which spirits threw up some interesting regional quirks. Not that it’s entirely surprising. One tends to assume that tipplers in Torquay will have different tastes to pub-goers in Prestonpans or imbibers in Inverness.

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Balblair distillery: walking in the steps of angels

November 24 2018

Balblair distillery, located on the southern shore of the Dornoch Firth, was for years one of those off-the-beaten-track, out-of-the-headlines distilleries that attracted little exposure — until it became the setting for the film The Angels’ Share.

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Whisky can be an acquired taste

November 10 2018

Whisky is, sadly, still a drink that many people, including countless Scots, do not really take a shine to. Indeed, Scots drink more vodka by volume than whisky, a fact that totally flummoxes any foreign tourist I tell that to. Scots drink more vodka than whisky? Come on, pull the other one…