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Blazing Saddles

What’s in a name: the serious side of cycling

April 22 2017

The differences between mountain bikers and road cyclists are many. For a start, the nouns “biker” and “cyclist” tend to fit more with mountain and road respectively – after all, it’s not often, if at all, you hear of “mountain cyclists”.


Dumfries and Galloway – Scotland’s most relaxed corner

April 22 2017

To many people Dumfries and Galloway is just that region that you bullet past on the motorway on a dash between Scotland and England. I’ve been guilty of that too. If you stop off, though, and make some time Scotland’s southernmost region is a real charmer alive with epic ruined abbeys, superb local produce, sweeping sandy beaches, gorgeous scenery and some great places to stay.


Model mum is determined to give something back

April 20 2017

While many teenagers dream of becoming the next top model it wasn’t a career that Elaine Harris had ever really considered. But that all changed three years ago when a friend asked her to model as a bride for the front cover of a photography brochure.

Chef's Table

Poor man’s pud gets an Easter makeover

April 15 2017

There’s a tradition in our family at Easter – it involves everyone standing at the top of a hill in Perthshire, freezing their hands off, says Graeme Pallister, chef patron of 63 Tay Street in Perth.