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Amber Lights

Single malts’ growing value

April 22 2017

One of the underappreciated facts about international trade is how disproportionately valuable certain goods and commodities are. To take a simple example: the Swiss export (among other things) Gruyere cheese and Rolex watches. However, one Rolex watch can be worth as much as, say, half a ton of Gruyere.

Amber Lights

Whisky: a Scottish success story

April 1 2017

Scotch whisky today is one of today’s great success stories — it contributes £5 billion to the UK economy and earns £4 billion a year overseas — whisky accounts for some 80% of Scottish food and drink exports and a quarter of UK food and drink exports.

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Intriguing whisky ephemera tells a story

March 4 2017

Over the decades, thousands of brands of Scotch blended whisky have come and gone. Some have lasted and thrived until the present day, others have flickered and faded amid stiff competition and changing tastes.

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Roll out the barrel

February 25 2017

The role of the cask in whisky making is crucial and entire forests of white oak are planted, grown and managed in the US to supply the barrel makers. They supply the bourbon industry and the ex-bourbon barrels come to Scotland, either complete or knocked-down. Pre-used casks from Spain, Portugal and France also find their way here – the Scotch industry can never get enough of them.

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Big name brands still top of the whiskies

February 18 2017

Scotch is Britain’s top export, it was revealed shortly before Christmas last year. It is the biggest single export earner and without that river of whisky flowing overseas Britain’s balance of payments would be 11% worse. Scotch is also a huge earner for the Exchequer through excise duty and VAT.

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Fascinating book reflects whisky’s nadir

February 11 2017

It takes a particularly strong frame of mind to write about a subject that seems to be in terminal decline — but that is what makes Aeneas Macdonald’s book, Whisky, so fascinating. It was written in 1930 when the fortunes of Scotch whisky were at their all-time nadir.