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Amber Lights

Whisky tastings improve the drinking experience

November 11 2017

It has always struck me that people in these islands – especially Scots and the Irish – have a strange attitude to drink, epitomised by a onetime friend who once said: “If I can remember the end of a party, it wasn’t a good one.” Of all folk in Western Europe, it seems we (especially when young) too often drink only to get tanked rather than enjoy the great taste and inner relaxation drink can bring.

Amber Lights

Breathing new life into old distilleries

November 4 2017

Diageo’s announcement that long-embalmed Port Ellen and Brora distilleries are re-opening is great news. One might ask what took them so long? Both have been shut for decades and, as a result, each new edition of dwindling whisky stocks fetched ever-higher prices.

Amber Lights

Forgotten whisky bottles tell a story

October 14 2017

A former editor I knew once said to me: “Journalism is the only profession where you are never off duty.” And he was right. As a journalist, you never know when a chance chat in a pub, a fleeting glimpse of some cargo on a lorry or a dusty document in a drawer might lead you to a good story. And good stories are the lifeblood of journalism and, I hope, of Amber Lights.

Amber Lights

The magnetic attraction of Scottish distilleries

October 14 2017

There’s no doubt Scottish distilleries are becoming, along with Nessie and famous castles, big magnets attracting ever more tourists to Scotland. The Scotch Whisky Association reckons 1.7 million people visited Scotland’s distilleries last year. I can only urge those distilleries that haven’t yet contemplated a visitor centre to open one.

Amber Lights

A soft spot for Borders distillery

September 2 2017

Although I try to appreciate all distilleries and their malts equally, there are some for which I have a soft spot. One of these is Bladnoch (pictured), first opened in 1817 near Wigtown, for decades the most southerly of the Lowland distilleries and indeed of all Scottish distilleries.

Amber Lights

A weird but wonderful whisky combination

August 26 2017

Detective fiction, Norse mythology and single malts are not obvious bedfellows but at a recent tasting of four Highland Park expressions in Edinburgh, they all came together during a most agreeable hour at the Caledonian Hotel.

Amber Lights

Raising a glass to distillery tour guides

August 19 2017

Apart from working as a journalist, I have spent many years working as a tourist guide. Many foreign groups I accompany around Scotland have at least one distillery on their holiday itinerary, others are just one long pilgrimage to one distillery to the next.