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Collectors' Corner

Snake painting charms at auction

November 4 2017

TODAY’S ITEM has been shown in the premier league of art centres – including international exhibitions in Glasgow, Rome, London and Munich. Its owners have included a Lord Provost of Glasgow and the Johnny Walker whisky family.

Collectors' Corner

The sticking power of postage stamps

October 7 2017

IT IS useful to have an impression of what’s hot and what’s not in the collecting world, and the barometer is often swung at this time of year by the Objects of Desire list produced by the posh bankers, Coutts.

Collectors' Corner

Pattern book tells a story

August 26 2017

IN THE years of writing this column I have never come across a pattern book from a Dundee textile manufacturer. Perhaps they were not required for ‘out-of-sight’ jute products, such as sacking, bagging and carpet backing, and possibly the linen lords, like Baxter Brothers, who preceded the jute barons, felt their exports spoke for themselves.