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Spoilt for choice with the fine wines of the Fairest Cape

October 7 2017

As a travel writer I’ve been lucky enough to get out to all of the world’s great wine destinations and while I love the likes of France, Australia and New Zealand, for me South Africa stands head and cork shoulders above all the others for wine touring.


An unforgettable train journey through brightest Southern Africa

October 21 2017

Welcome aboard what for me is the finest train in the whole of Africa. I’m writing this on Rovos Rail – which definitely justifies its tag as the ‘Pride of Africa’ - as I watch the parched plains of South Africa unfurl all around and an ostrich kicking up the scorched earth just feet from my suite windows.


Powerful portraits on show at the McManus

January 26 2018

The first thing you see is a face, adrift in a cold ocean, vivid blue eyes looking away as if in contemplation. A diving helmet sits atop our man’s greying hair, the iron collar of an old-fashioned diving suit circles his fisherman’s collar. Thing is, if this man is drowning, he doesn’t look at all worried. Rather, he seems philosophical.