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Champion swimmer Sandy’s living life in the fast lane

June 17 2017

Watching Sandy Galletly powering through the water it’s hard to believe that this toned swimmer is in his mid-seventies. Taught to swim by his mum when he was just eight, he showed a flair for the sport and the intervening years have seen him transform from a water baby to champion swimmer.


Father and son duo Steven and Connor are the perfect kickboxing team

June 3 2017

When it comes to sport, children often take the lead from their parents but for dad Steven Brown it was a case of “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” So when son Connor started kickboxing classes at the age of five, the Lochgelly dad decided the best way for the wee lad to improve was if he joined as well. Six years later the dad and son duo are both black belts – and the best of friends.


Dundee’s pride: hoping those who need it with sustenance for body and soul

May 30 2017

A delicious aroma of homemade soup fills the air as a group of hungry diners tuck in. But this isn’t any ordinary lunch – it’s Soup ‘n’ Soul, a gathering each Wednesday from 12 noon onwards in Dundee's St Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral, and part of the network of local organisations helping those less fortunate than us or in need of company, comfort or just a hot meal.


Asparagus – the king of vegetables

May 27 2017

Back in the 1980s, when Sandy Pattullo was at college, asparagus wasn’t seen as a viable crop in Scotland. Nothing daunted, he and wife Heather enjoyed growing asparagus in the garden and when farming friends from New Zealand visited and told them it was the easiest crop on the farm, it ignited an interest in the Pattullos to grow it commercially.


Digging deep for a good cause

May 27 2017

Are you planning to garden gaze this summer? This lovely expression, coined in 1944, refers to visitors to private gardens large and small, opened under Scotland’s Gardens scheme to raise money for charity.


Flying the flag for Dundee’s glorious maritime past

May 17 2017

If you’ve been in Dundee lately you’ve probably spotted the blue and white flag proudly flying from the top of DC Thomson’s refurbished Meadowside building. One of the oldest flags in the maritime world, it represents an era of history that began in the 19th Century and is still remembered today.


Getting older? Get over it…

May 16 2017

Whether it's finding that first unforgiving grey hair, spotting facial flaws turn into wrinkles or having to turn the telly up that little bit louder to hear – any sign of getting older is something most ladies would like to ignore.