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Readers' letters

Avoid knee-jerk reactions over diesel

April 18 2017

Sir, - Those of us who were encouraged to buy diesel cars a few years ago by our Government, the EU, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace, will be dismayed by the current ditch-the-diesel campaign demonising diesel owners as polluters and the source of unnecessary deaths and illnesses.

Readers' letters

Green measures have damaged country

April 13 2017

Sir,- Your wildlife columnist Jim Crumley’s acceptance (April 11) of “green”means of saving the planet from adverse climate changes has led to espousal of exceedingly costly measures to curb greenhouse gas output, despite their scientifically speculative and inevitably unproven basis.

Readers' letters

Sturgeon’s ‘grandstanding’ prompts delusions

April 11 2017

Sir, - Nicola Sturgeon’s penchant for grandstanding tours reached its zenith when she addressed 150 students at California’s Stanford University, signed a meaningless climate agreement with a little-known state governor and was politely shown round a couple of factories.