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Readers' letters

Nationalise BiFab and save the workforce

November 16 2017

Sir, – Burntisland is no stranger to companies folding. Burntisland Ship Building Company went into receivership showing a profit. Fifteen hundred highly skilled ship builders were thrown on the dole almost 50 years ago and it is has been more of the same ever since.

Readers' letters

Telling the truth counts at the ballot box

November 14 2017

Sir,– As a resident of Perth City South ward I note with interest a leaflet from the Lib Dems, portraying the SNP as “cheerleaders for independence”, with the clear inference that the SNP locally have achieved nothing. This claim seems to require us to disregard the facts.

Readers' letters

Will turbine employment go to Europe?

November 10 2017

Sir, - During the recent controversial legal battle between the RSPB and Mainstream Renewable Power (MRP) over the Neart na Gaoithe (NNG) offshore wind turbines, we have witnessed via articles and adverts numerous beneficial claims by MRP in relation to local job creation and investment in Scotland associated with the £2 billion planned development.

Readers' letters

Ms Sturgeon making enemies at every turn

November 4 2017

Sir, – Both Richard Lucas and Les Mackay (Thursday’s Letters) are correct that the Westminster harassment furore shows low personal standards of conduct. However, the parliamentary abuses just mirror the decline in our own morality and probity as a society.