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Interview: Jolomo

March 11 2017

His art touches everyone, from A-listers to Oor Wullie. Jolomo steps out from behind the easel to tell Gayle Ritchie how it feels to be Scotland's best-loved painter


Alex Norton: There’s Been a Life

March 10 2017

Alex Norton’s career has been both highly colourful and eventful beyond his wildest dreams. Ahead of his show at Dundee’s Gardyne Theatre on March 17, Gayle Ritchie chats to the legendary actor


Going, going, gone!

March 8 2017

From coffins and rare comics to grandfather clocks and ornamental cow’s heads, you never know what you might find in an auction. Gayle Ritchie visits two in Courier Country


Getting to grips with the Gambia

March 4 2017

After a period of political turmoil, flights have resumed to Gambia. Ed Elliott confirms West Africa's popular holiday destination is back in business


Forging ahead in Fife

March 4 2017

Artist blacksmith Jim Shears is at Fife's Falkland Palace this weekend, encouraging people to try their hand at forging. Gayle finds out more about the traditional craft

Food & Drink

Inside the Gin Bothy

March 4 2017

For a venture that started “by accident”, the Gin Bothy is doing phenomenally well. Gayle Ritchie meets the entrepreneur behind the booming business