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Take A Hike

Discover forest’s hidden trails

March 9 2019

Like plantations across the land, Blackcraig Forest has a network of tracks and paths, routes laid down by lumberjacks to plant and extract timber but ideal for exploration on foot.

Take A Hike

Hills to get your teeth into

March 2 2019

Lake of Menteith has the distinction of being just one of a handful of ‘lakes’ in Scotland, the term more commonly associated with bodies of water south of the border.

Take A Hike

Make your way along the May

February 16 2019

Still just one lottery jackpot win away from buying my own secluded Scottish estate, the opportunity to wander through the tranquil wooded policies of someone else’s is always time to treasure.

Take A Hike

Enjoy big views on giant trail

February 10 2019

Opened a handful of summers ago, the Sleeping Giant Path was, at the time, described as the missing link between the communities of Fife and Perth & Kinross separated by the recumbent form of Benarty Hill.

Take A Hike

Walking the milky way

January 26 2019

Regular readers of Take a Hike will be aware of my fascination with the histories of old paths, whether they be former drove roads through the glens, coffin roads linking scattered communities to their kirks or military routes built to quell uprisings in the Highlands.

Take A Hike

Start the New Year on a high

December 29 2018

To start the New Year (or indeed end the old one) on a high, there are few summits in this part of the country more prominent and accessible than East Lomond in Fife.