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Jim Crumley

A nightmare at Dens Park

April 4 2017

If you are one of those people who don’t go to Dens Park because you think life is too short and your time can be more wisely spent, you would have had some unlikely adherents in the Bobby Cox Stand on Friday night.

Jim Crumley

Brexit is leaving sour notes

March 21 2017

One of the most telling symptoms of the crass stupidity that underpins the very idea of Britain leaving the European Union has probably escaped your notice.

Jim Crumley

Winter has failed to turn up

February 21 2017

The Insh Marshes, a little after dawn. Freezing fog, the back road in the lee of the northern corries of the Cairngorms tending towards skittishness.

Jim Crumley

Are my Irish roots calling?

February 7 2017

I was persuaded a few years ago by some less than exhaustive research that my particular branch of the Crumley tribe was thriving in a wee village in Donegal around 1790.

Jim Crumley

Birds existing in hillside harmony

January 31 2017

It is satisfying to know the special relationship still hangs together so well after all these years, especially given the increasingly tricky vagaries of our 21st century world.