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El Hierro: a hidden Canary treat

May 19 2018

Canary Island lover Robin McKelvie heads to remote El Hierro It’s a Canary Island that is less theme park and more Jurassic Park, a Spanish hideaway more remote Yorkshire on a volcano than hectic Costa del Sol. Welcome to El Hierro, the magical outpost that was the last land Columbus saw as he sailed off the map in search of the New World.


Losing the plot down at the allotment

May 19 2018

Weather on Tayside has been perfect for gardening these last few weeks. We have had enough rainfall to moisten the soil, followed by some dry warm days to catch up on planting and sowing.

Nature Watch

The fascinating life of the bee-fly

May 19 2018

Is there such a thing as a cute insect? Well, yes, there most definitely is because I saw one last week – a bee-fly; a little rotund ‘furry’ beast with an impossibly long proboscis.