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Restaurant Reviews

Kingarroch Inn (43/50)

February 18 2017

From the outside, the Kingarroch Inn is everything a country pub should be, from the pristine creamy walls to the fairy lights twinkling around a rose arch.

Restaurant Reviews

St Michael’s Inn, Leuchars

January 28 2017

Having a good “local” is usually part of the dream of anyone moving into a new community; even in these days when pubs are suffering because of the alleged predilection of the public to drink at home rather than in the public bar, a good, unpretentious, well-run “local” is pretty near the top of the wish-list for those setting down roots somewhere new.

Restaurant Reviews

West Port Bar & Kitchen, St Andrews 38/50

March 4 2017

If you lived in St Andrews in the early 1980s you’ll remember the Britannia Hotel by the West Port in St Andrews. Run by two spinster sisters, it was a sea of tartan carpet, and you were never allowed more than half a pint before being sent on your merry way home.

Restaurant Reviews

East Pier Smokehouse, St Monans (42/50)

September 3 2016

The East Pier Smokehouse does what it says on the tin. It’s a haven for the best of locally caught fish and seafood. There’s also a guiding ethos that if it’s edible, they can smoke it. And in this little shop and eatery perched on the edge of the water, they do just that, often to terrific effect.

Food & Drink

Home at Maison Bleue, Edinburgh 39/50

January 21 2017

When you eat out as often as we do, many restaurants well worth their salt threaten to become a real home from home. So one actually called Home, with an interesting and socially significant meaning to the name, is right up our rue in more ways than one.