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Blazing Saddles

Keeping the social side of cycling in motion

April 21 2018

Even just 10 years ago cycling was a very different beast. As with all areas of life, technology has taken us to unprecedented realms that might seem helpful, but I believe there remains a little part of our soul that yearns for the romance of riding our bikes – a connection that transcends the electronic interference creeping into our everyday rides.


Professor Sue Black: A life in death

April 21 2018

World-renowned forensic anthropologist Professor Sue Black discusses her career and her new book with Caroline Lindsay, examining the many faces of death and the lessons she has learned from it.

Blazing Saddles

Make sure you get your daily quota of cycling quotes

April 14 2018

If you were to type a search on the internet for “quotes” you would be inundated with millions of pages all dedicated to excerpts of phrases that inspire, ridicule and among other things paraphrase the human condition. A similar search for “cycling quotes” throws up nearly 18 million results. There is obviously something about quotes that we find inspirational; social media is full of them, we print them on T-shirts and posters and even tattoo them on our bodies.

Chef's Table

Chef’s Table: Bishnu Neupal of Basil Dunfermline

March 31 2018

Known as the Queen of Herbs, basil is grown all over India, and is revered as a medicinal, religious and spiritual herb with many health benefits. Holy basil, a particular type of the herb, makes a satisfying tea which relieves cold symptoms and many other conditions.