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Blazing Saddles

Make sure you get your daily quota of cycling quotes

April 14 2018

If you were to type a search on the internet for “quotes” you would be inundated with millions of pages all dedicated to excerpts of phrases that inspire, ridicule and among other things paraphrase the human condition. A similar search for “cycling quotes” throws up nearly 18 million results. There is obviously something about quotes that we find inspirational; social media is full of them, we print them on T-shirts and posters and even tattoo them on our bodies.

Blazing Saddles

Let Sport Relief inspire your own personal cycling challenge

March 24 2018

Over seven days I have been lucky enough to be involved in three Sport Relief events: riding with Zoe Ball from Blackpool to Brighton; with Alex Jones and four mums for the One Show Mother of All Challenges and the Radio One DJ, Greg James, as he resumed his previously aborted Pedal to the Peaks. It all added up to a distance of 541 miles and a dizzying 26,713ft of ascent.

Blazing Saddles

Go pro-spotting next time you’re cycling in the Canary Islands

March 17 2018

I was lucky enough to spend the last five weeks guiding cyclists in Gran Canaria and Tenerife. Before you get too jealous, the Canary Islands were experiencing some of their worst weather in years with high winds, torrential rain and enough snow to block roads. It got to the point where I was looking forward to coming home and getting some decent weather – I arrived in Scotland just in time for the Beast from the East to make its appearance.

Blazing Saddles

It’s never too late to learn some new cycling skills

February 24 2018

Over the last nine weeks I’ve looked at various cycling related activities that if you haven’t already done so, you might want to stick on your “to-do” list for 2018. It is of course a subjective list and open to personal opinion, so feel free to ignore any or all of my suggestions. Ultimately, if you are out on your bike and doing something you love, then there should be no higher purpose in cycling.

Blazing Saddles

Is the Strathpuffer the toughest mountain bike race on earth?

January 20 2018

Riding for 24 hours - 17 of those in darkness, in the depths of a Scottish winter - may not seem like everybody’s way to enjoy a bike ride, but it certainly has caught the imagination of a lot of cyclists and at 10am today hundreds more will be charging towards their bikes for the 13th annual Strathpuffer.