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Jenny Hjul

There is still time to call off indyref2

March 8 2017

Who is advising Nicola Sturgeon on when (there is no longer an if) to call a second independence referendum? She apparently relies on a very tight inner circle that includes her husband, Peter Murrell, who is also the SNP’s chief executive.

Jenny Hjul

Rates debacle for fickle Nationalists

February 22 2017

The SNP government has at last caved in to pressure from the Scottish business community over extortionate rate increases but only after mounting criticism within its own ranks.

Jenny Hjul

Has SNP learned nothing?

February 1 2017

After all the tricky customers the Prime Minister has had to endure recently, the Scottish First Minister must have seemed a minor distraction.

Jenny Hjul

Don’t mess with the press

January 25 2017

The veteran White House press corps appeared bemused rather than shocked as Sean Spicer, in his first encounter with the media, gave them “alternative facts” about the Donald Trump inauguration.

Jenny Hjul

Divisions troubling for Theresa May

January 18 2017

Europe, and Britain’s place in it, might have propelled Theresa May to the top job in British politics but it has also given her a permanent headache since she entered Number 10. This week the pain must have intensified somewhat.