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Jim Spence

Jim Spence: Ryan Gauld’s career could be in big danger

May 13 2017

Ryan Gauld’s move to Sporting Lisbon is proof that the grass isn’t always greener elsewhere. Despite the fact that the Portuguese side seem set to offload him, the player was right to grab the chance of playing for one of the big names in European football. The big danger now is that his career takes a disastrous downward trajectory.

Jim Spence

Jim Spence: Talent beats tactics

April 29 2017

Once when working as the pitch-side TV reporter at a game abroad, a member of the team backroom staff asked me for a copy of the opponent’s formation, which he’d seen their manager write down for me.

Jim Spence

Jim Spence: Let’s be honest, deep down we love the aggro

April 8 2017

Scottish football has endured a crazy couple of weeks with managers sent to the stand amid accusations of people being offered a ‘square go’; teammates sent packing for scrapping on the pitch mid-match; and players dismissed for rude signage to fans and spitting at officials.