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Readers' letters

Garry may produce salmon once again

January 19 2017

Sir, - May I congratulate Bill Jack, chairman of Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board, fisheries director Dr David Summers, board members and staff on obtaining, after many years of effort, the re-watering of the River Garry.

Readers' letters

Politicians need parental experience

June 20 2017

Sir, - That the new Taoiseach of Ireland, Leo Varadkar, who has just taken office is the gay son of a Hindu immigrant father shows quite how much the Irish Republic has changed in recent decades. And yet I can’t help feeling strong misgivings.

Readers' letters

Give Scotland control of its own resources

May 19 2017

Sir, - Alastair Walker of Guthrie (May 13) in challenging the feasibility of independence, follows his use of hyperbole concerning division in Scotland, which is biblical in scale according to the gentleman, by resorting to the “too wee, too poor” argument beloved of unionists everywhere.

Readers' letters

Contradictory arguments on education

March 17 2017

Sir, - Having read Allan MacDougall’s letter (March 10) I’m astonished how he managed to cram in contradiction, inconsistency, junk science, political grievance, indulge in class warfare and undertake to be economical with the truth all in a few hundred words.