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Blazing Saddles

A cyclist’s tribulations and time trials

July 1 2017

The Tour de France (TdF) starts today in Düsseldorf with a 14km time-trial on the banks of the Rhine. This short course is almost completely flat and will organise the race standings for the next flat road race stage and decide the first wearer of the Yellow Jersey for 2017.


Calum’s photographs offer a magical mystery tour of the McManus

July 7 2017

A down-at-heel office space becomes the Swiss alps, with Napoleon on his charger; a dishevelled bedroom morphs into a lake with a white swan; a sitting-room becomes a roost for pigeons or a set for Robbie Burns; an artist’s studio transforms into a space inhabited by Bonnie Prince Charlie, with fancy-cakes replacing the colours on the artist’s palette.