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Jenny Hjul

Govern and stop protesting

October 12 2016

This week’s conference is crunch time for the SNP and there is a growing acceptance among party elders that they have reached a crossroads.

Jenny Hjul

Does the SNP trust itself?

February 10 2016

If you don’t watch Scottish politics closely you’d be forgiven for being confused by the current contretemps between Holyrood and Westminster.

Jenny Hjul

Is there life after being PM?

July 21 2016

Passers-by who spotted David Cameron at a pavement cafe in London the day after he stepped down as Prime Minister said he looked “so relaxed and so young, like a new person”.

Jenny Hjul

A financial plan to take seriously

January 27 2016

Scotland is to get extensive tax raising powers next year, as part of the consolation prize Westminster gave the Nationalists after they lost the independence referendum nearly 18 months ago.

Jenny Hjul

Cybernats need reining in

October 28 2015

Was Scotland damaged by last year’s independence referendum? The answer to this depends on what side of the argument you were (are) on.

Jenny Hjul

Scotland must grow up

September 2 2015

One thing many of us hoped for around this time last year was that the referendum would put a stop to Scotland’s preoccupation with itself.

Jenny Hjul

Time to pull plug on T horror show

July 13 2016

If you have teenage children, T in the Park looms every year to test your resolve. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been told, by my children, their friends and their friends’ parents that the music festival is a rite of passage and they must be allowed to go.