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Nature Watch

Countryside enigmas

December 8 2018

A weasel must eat a least once every 24 hours to survive and routinely consumes a third of its weight daily. In winter, weasels can happily live under snow.

Nature Watch

Shetland’s wildlife magic

December 1 2018

Orcas, or killer whales as they are often known, hunt in groups. Those in Scottish waters that live offshore tend to hunt herring and mackerel, whilst inshore populations will take seals and seabirds.

Nature Watch

Naturally diverse Tentsmuir

November 24 2018

Tentsmuir, a place of broad horizons and rolling seas, and out on a tidal lagoon a scattering of resting oystercatchers, their long red bills firmly tucked under their wings as they slept.

Nature Watch

The eyes have it on Loch Leven

November 10 2018

The low autumn sun over Loch Leven illuminated this small group of goldeneye ducks in perfect fashion; the rays of light catching every nuance of their green iridescent heads.