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House & Home

Beauty in the Fair City

March 14 2019

A three-storey home in a large, A-listed building in the heart of Perth has been a labour of love for its owner. With a garden that backs onto Perth Museum it could not be more conveniently located in the Fair City.

House & Home

Hot Properties: new build homes

November 24 2016

Buying a house is a risk and a hassle. One of the safest ways is to buy a new build: everything's done and you usually have a 10-year guarantee. We look at three of the best.

House & Home

Getting away from it in Weem

December 29 2016

A 19th Century house with a 21st Century finish, Kirklands is tucked away between the vibrant Highland Perthshire town of Aberfeldy and the sleepy hamlet that is Weem.