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Getting the Train: The History of Scotland’s Railways

December 27 2017

Is it viable to re-open the St Andrews and Levenmouth rail links? St Andrews University educated historian and author David Ross shares his view with Michael Alexander as he discusses his new book - Getting the Train: The History of Scotland's railways.


Interview: St Andrews professor on connecting with Iona

September 9 2016

The spiritual pull of Iona has influenced writers for centuries, and now its legacy is explored by St Andrews University Professor Robert Crawford in his latest publication – ‘The Book of Iona: An Anthology’. Michael Alexander met him.


Gallery: images from new book The Scots A Photohistory

February 4 2013

A fascinating new book of early photographs brings 19th and 20th century Scotland to life. Here is a small selection from The Scots A Photohistory, by Murray Mackinnon and Richard Oram, and published by Thames & Hudson. Find out more at www.thamesandhudson.com