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Dundee pub glass attack left victim with ‘flap of skin missing’ below eye

April 28 2016

A Dundee man left his victim with a "flap of skin missing" under his eye in a brutal glassing attack. Steven McCafferty lost the rag with Scott Laws when Mr Laws made "offensive hand gestures" at him in Dundee's Arctic Bar. CCTV footage showed McCafferty - who knew his victim from the gym - lash out and smash a pint glass into Mr Laws' face before raining down blows on his head. McCafferty - who has previous convictions for assault, reckless discharge of a firearm and threatening or abusive behaviour - was then dragged off as he hurled abuse at his bloodied victim. Fiscal depute Eilidh Robertson told Dundee Sheriff Court that Mr Laws was taken to hospital in an ambulance. She said: "As a result of being assaulted, Mr Laws sustained an incised wound to his right lower eyelid, with a flap of skin effectively missing. He also had mild swelling to his right upper and lower eyelids. "His wound was closed in theatre under local anaesthetic by an ophthalmology consultant using six stitches. "The wound has left a small scar. Mr Laws had blurred vision for a short time afterwards but this has now corrected." McCafferty, 39, of Dundee, pleaded guilty on indictment to a charge of assault to severe injury and permanent disfigurement committed on August 8 last year. Solicitor advocate Jim Laverty, defending, said: "This is a serious matter and custody must be in contemplation." Sheriff Lorna Drummond QC deferred sentence until next month for social work background reports and released McCafferty on bail. She said: "Custody is at the forefront of my mind."


High Court told cocaine seized in Aberdeen was worth more than £1/2 billion

June 13 2016

A police drugs expert told a jury 3.2 tons of cocaine found hidden on board a Turkish tug boat has a potential maximum street value of £512m. Jurgen Wahla, who is based in Aberdeen, was giving evidence at the trial of nine Turks accused of smuggling cocaine from Guyana in South America to Europe. At the High Court in Glasgow he was asked by advocate depute Ashley Edwards, prosecuting: “What is the potential maximum street value of the cocaine?” DC Wahla replied: “If sold in the UK it would be £512m if sold in gram deals and adulterated to 15 to 20 per cent pure.” Miss Edwards then said: “Just over half a billion pounds?” DC Wahla responded: “That’s correct. It is a massive, massive importation, unprecedented in what I’ve seen in my experience.” The jury has heard that MV Hamal was boarded by the Royal Navy and Border Force officers in international waters in April last year and taken to Aberdeen harbour to be searched. DC Wahla said he was present while the cocaine was being taken from a hidden compartment in the ballast tanks at Aberdeen harbour. Detective Constable Wahla said that he tested one of the kilo blocks which was unloaded and found it was 70% pure cocaine. He was asked how much the cocaine found on the boat weighed in total and replied: “It was 3.2 tons of cocaine.” The court was told by DC Wahla that 41 of the 3,200 kilo bags were tested and found to contain cocaine. The average purity was 63%, with a range of between 58% and 74% pure. DC Wahla, who is in the serious crime squad and a member of the drugs expert witness and valuation association, told the jury that cocaine is grown exclusively in South America and distributed worldwide. The jurors were told that he often works with Europol, which is based in Belgium, and the National Crime Agency. He was asked by Miss Edwards: “What are the recognised trade routes taking the cocaine from where it is grown?” DC Wahla replied: “It is now south of Venezuela and Guyana because of a lot of enforcement activity by the USA patrolling the coast. “Enforcement crackdowns, particularly in Columbia, and increased US enforcement have escalated the value of countries such as Guyana in the global drugs market.” The crew of the MV Hamal are on trial accused of being involved in an international drug-smuggling operation between February and April 2015. They are further alleged to have been concerned in the supply of the class A drug between April 21 and 23, 2015. Kayacan Dalgakiran, 64, Mustafa Guven, 48, Mustafa Ceviz, 55, Umit Colakel, 39, Ibrahim Dag, 48, Mumin Sahin, 46, Emin Ozmen, 51, Abdulkadir Cirik, 32, and Muhammet Seckin, 27, deny the charges against them. The trial before judge Lord Kinclaven continues.


Footballer rape claim: Court hears woman did not know she had met David Goodwillie

October 25 2016

A woman who is suing two former Dundee United footballers she claims raped her was unaware of who one of them was when she was told by police that they had a DNA finding for him, a court has been told. The accuser was medically examined after police were contacted in January in 2011 and samples were sent for analysis. Detective Sergeant Rebecca Gregson, 36, said: "I am aware the complainer was told about a DNA hit on January 17." She continued: "From what I can remember she was still unaware who that particular male was and was quite adamant that how his DNA was there was confusing. She couldn't understand." Simon Di Rollo QC, for the woman, said police were able to identify the male and the officer said: "Yes, it was David Goodwillie's semen." The former Scotland striker is being sued along with ex-United teammate David Robertson in the action. Mr Di Rollo said: "In her evidence to us she said at one point 'I have never met David Goodwillie'. Is that consistent with what she was saying to you when you were informing her of this?." The detective replied: "Yes." DS Gregson said that at one point police carried out a "cognitive interview" with the woman and explained it was a technique in which the interviewee was taken back to the actual incident to relive it. She agreed there was a gap in her memory in terms of what had happened to her. Mr Di Rollo asked her if the memory was recovered and she said: "No." She said Goodwillie was interviewed but gave a "no comment interview". The 30-year woman is suing Goodwillie and Robertson after raising a £500,000 damages claim at the Court of Session in Edinburgh. It is alleged both men raped the 30-year-old woman in the early hours of January 2 at a flat in Armadale, in West Lothian, following a night out. It is claimed that she was incapable of giving free agreement at the time when intercourse took place. Goodwillie, who is now with Plymouth Argyle, and Robertson, of Bathgate, deny the allegation and maintain that intercourse was consensual. Neither was prosecuted. They claim that CCTV footage shows the woman was capable of walking, holding a conversation and using her mobile phone. DS Gregson agreed that Goodwillie was charged and a report was sent to Crown Office against him alone. Mr Di Rollo said Robertson subsequently gave a statement to detectives in July in the course of which he indicated that he too had had sexual intercourse with the woman. The detective sergeant agreed that up until that point there was no evidence about that. Mr Di Rollo said: "He had, of course, been told he would not be prosecuted in respect of this matter." DS Gregson said: "I believe so." The senior counsel said that a decision was subsequently made by Crown Office that no proceedings were to be taken and she said: "Yes." Anne Marie McKay told the court that she had gone out with friends on the evening of January 1 and went to the Glenmavis Tavern, in Bathgate, also known as Smiths. She said she had never seen the woman in the bar before but knew her through work. She said she was at the bar when the woman fell over into her side. She had later seen her making her way to the public bar. Ms McKay (47) said she was "quite drunk" and added: "Her eyes were quite glazed over and her words weren't like making sense." She later saw her again outside the pub. She said: "She was kind of staggering about and she only had one shoe on." "I called over to her was she OK and where was her shoe. She said that's what she was doing — trying to find her shoe," she said. Ms McKay agreed with Roddy McIlvride QC, for Robertson, that the woman was wearing very high-heeled shoes that night. But she said of the initial incident in the pub: "She was standing still next to me and had come over this way so she wasn't walking." The hearing before Lord Armstrong continues.


Woman sexually assaulted at musical show in Fife

May 4 2017

A 63-year-old sexually assaulted a woman sitting next to him at a performance of ‘Grease’ at Dunfermline’s Alhambra Theatre. The woman was “very distressed” after having her thigh held throughout most of the first half of the musical. She had gone to the show with female friends and her seat was next to complete stranger Alexander Rollo's, a trial at Dunfermline Sheriff Court heard. Rollo, of Mavis Bank, Buckhaven, denied charges of sexually assaulting two women by repeatedly touching them on the body at the theatre on February 20 last year. He was found guilty of one of the charges after trial. The victim said Rollo kept his hand on her leg for around 40 minutes. The woman told the court that she thought the contact was “accidental at first”. However, when it continued for the last 40 minutes of the first half she realised that it was not. She said Rollo kept his hand on her thigh without removing it until the interval. The court heard the woman, who was at the show with two female friends, was very upset at the interval. One of her friends swapped seats with her. The second woman said Rollo’s hand was initially on the hand-rest between the seats for around 20 minutes and then moved over to her side. She watched his hand as it “hovered over my leg” before touching it. “I was ready and smacked him away. He jumped. He was rigid after that, not relaxed. He was like a wee dog.” The woman said the matter had not been reported to theatre staff or the police that night but in the days following their night out the women decided to contact the police. Sheriff Valerie Johnston imposed a community payback order for 12 months. Rollo will be on the sex offenders register for the same period.


Man who fantasised about being a policeman had baton in car

December 15 2016

A fantasist once convicted of impersonating a police sergeant has avoided jail term — after real officers found him with an 18 inch long extendable baton in his motor. Kelvin Swann was caught after being tipped off by one of his colleague's about the spring-loaded baton in his car, similar to those carried by police. Swann was previously convicted of masquerading as a police officer when he pulled a woman over in St Andrews as she drove her 12-year-old daughter to school. He pulled up alongside her car and accused her of committing five separate crimes in the space of minutes before pretending to call the station for backup. In the new incident Swann was detained when a series of police vehicle swooped on him near the Tay Road Bridge in Dundee. Depute Fiscal Sue Ruta told Dundee Sheriff Court: "The matter came to light when officers received intelligence that the accused would be travelling over the Tay Road Bridge in a Vauxhall Corsa van containing an extendable baton and potentially a canister of spray. "Due to that information police took up a marked vantage point at the bridge entrance on the Fife side at about 1.20pm. "The accused was spotted travelling northwards. "He was followed by police officers and was stopped at the Apex Hotel by four police officers who advised him of the reason he had been stopped. "He openly admitted that he was in possession of an extendable baton in the rear of his vehicle. "An 18-inch spring-loaded baton was concealed in the boot. "The accused was arrested by officers and taken into police custody and charged. "The accused made no reply." The court was told Swann, a former RAF airman, had shown the baton to a colleague and that he had it in his car for a couple of days. Swann, 53, of Miltonbank Crescent, St Andrews, pleaded guilty to a charge of possessing an offensive weapon on August 12. Defence solicitor Alan Davie said: "He's someone with an interest in militaria and as such bought this item. "He didn't put any thought in to travelling with it in his possession." Sheriff Lorna Drummond QC imposed a community payback order with 120 hours unpaid work. She said: "It is a relatively serious matter to have an offensive weapon without excuse or authority in a public place."


Theatre preview: Para Handy, Pitlochry Festival Theatre

October 21 2016

Para Handy is a typically Scottish hero. He is the Gaelic captain (his name is the Gaelicised version of his given name, Peter Macfarlane) of the Clyde puffer steamboat the Vital Spark, which sailed up and down the West Coast of Scotland in adventures written by journalist Neil Munro. Published in the early years of the 20th Century in the Glasgow Evening News, Munro’s tales were comic capers starring the captain and his crew. These stories were also a historical document of Clyde shipping and life during wartime, however and they’ve regularly resurfaced on television and the stage in the century since. Duncan MacRae, Roddy McMillan and Gregor Fisher all portrayed Para Handy on screen, while this new production has been adapted by Scots stage stalwart John Bett. A live band will provide the musical score. www.pitlochryfestival theatre.com


Tusk-tusk — jail for Dundee ivory thief

April 27 2016

A thief who stole elephant tusks valued at £20,000 from his landlord's house has been jailed for 14 months. Aurimas Kyliokas talked Nazir Valihahomed, a colleague at the restaurant he was working in in Dundee, into giving him a room at his home in the city's Carseview Gardens. Six months later Kyliokas, a Lithuanian national, fled with two elephant tusks, two ivory statues and £400 worth of cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Fiscal depute Eilidh Robertson told Dundee Sheriff Court none of the items Kyliokas stole have ever been found by police. She said: "Mr Valimahomed claims that the elephant tusks were worth £20,000. "Police were called and he later spoke to a work colleague who said that the accused had been asking her questions about the value of ivory. "Police also traced two men who told them the accused had tried to sell them the elephant tusks a few weeks after the theft." Kyliokas went on to break into a newsagents in the Lochee area of Dundee - stealing £3000 worth of cigarettes and £30 in cash. Miss Robertson added: "CCTV clearly showed the accused smashing the window of the store shortly before 5am on November 5 2015. "He is then seen walking down the street carrying several carrier bags of cigarettes. "None of the stolen property has been recovered." Kyliokas, 33, a prisoner at HMP Grampian, pleaded guilty on indictment to two charges of theft by housebreaking. Representing himself, Kyliokas told the court through an interpreter: "I would like to apologise to these people to whom I have done these things. "I am sorry for my deeds. "When I did these things I was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. "I'm ready for any punishment you are going to give me." Sheriff Lorna Drummond QC jailed Kyliokas for 14 months and one week. She said: "I'm in no doubt these offences warrant custody. "They are all the more serious standing your record."


Raith Rovers cup hero faces misconduct charge after drug test failure

December 16 2016

Raith Rovers cup-winning hero Julian Broddle could be fired from the police after failing a drugs test. Broddle, who played at left back in the famous 1994 League Cup final win over Celtic, tested positive for cocaine while on duty with South Yorkshire Police. He joined the force after hanging up his boots following a 16-year career with Raith , East Fife, St Mirren and Barnsley, including playing against Bayern Munich during the Kirkcaldy club's UEFA Cup run. The 52-year-old provided a urine sample as part of a random drug test after attending its professional standards department on March 19. He tested positive for the Class A drug and will face a misconduct hearing next week, according to the force. The force's website states: "The sample was sent for analysis and Alere Toxicology have informed South Yorkshire Police that PC Broddle tested positively for a Class A drug, namely cocaine." The officer is due to attend a special case misconduct hearing where he will answer claims that his conduct was 'unprofessional and inappropriate and breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour, in particular those paragraphs relating to Discreditable Conduct'. Most police misconduct hearings have been held in public since last year as part of efforts by the Government to make forces more transparent and accountable. His case will be heard on the same afternoon as a case relating to Special Police Constable Oliver Paduch, who is accused of posting 'inappropriate and unacceptable comments of a potentially racist nature on Facebook'. Both cases on Thursday are special hearings, where the circumstances of the misconduct have already been considered by the force's deputy chief constable. A hero on the pitch and in uniform Broddle came to Scotland after spells in the English lower leagues to sign for St Mirren, before joining Jimmy Nicoll’s Raith Rovers in 1993. He played more than 70 times, including in the victory in the League Cup final in 1993 and both legs of their subsequent UEFA Cup tie against Bayern Munich. He stayed in Kirkcaldy for three seasons and retired from football in 1997 after spells at East Fife and Ross County before retiring in 1997. The medals kept coming after he joined the police as he was twice awarded for bravery, once for facing down a shotgun-wielding gang of masked bank robbers and then for saving a girl from drowning.


Trio avoid jail for attack on Fife takeaway owner

March 21 2017

Three youths who attacked a Muslim takeaway owner hours after the IS attacks on Paris have avoided jail. Robbie Smart, Connor Crombie and Darren Macduff previously admitted their roles in a “fracas” outside the Caspian takeaway in Methil just 24 hours after the Paris atrocities, which killed 130 people at the Bataclan theatre, the Stade de France and on the streets of the French capital. The trio, along with four other men, had been accused of “shouting racially offensive comments” towards Caspian owner Mohammed Khalid during the incident. However, all seven had their not guilty pleas to behaving in a racially aggravated manner accepted after the Crown deemed there was “not a sufficiency” of evidence to allow them to proceed to trial on that charge. Smart, 18, of Denfield Place, Kirkcaldy, admitted he kicked Mr Nadeem on the body to his injury, while Macduff, 18, of Craigmount, Kirkcaldy, admitted punching Mr Khalid on the body. Crombie, 19, of Fosterton Crescent, Kirkcaldy, pleaded guilty to kicking Mr Nadeem on the body and repeatedly punching Mr Khalid, 53, on his head to his injury on Wellsley Road, Methil, on November 15 2015. Kyle Campbell, 19, of Sidlaw Street, Kirkcaldy, Brandon Munro, 18, of Farne Court, Kirkcaldy, Sean Wood, 20, of Hugo Avenue, Coaltown of Wemyss, and a 17-year-old, also of Kirkcaldy, who cannot be named, had their not guilty pleas accepted to all charges. Sheriff James Williamson imposed community payback orders on all three men. They will each have to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work in the next nine months.


Tagged golden eagle thought to have been killed, then dumped in North Sea near Fife

February 16 2018

A young golden eagle tagged in Scotland last summer is thought to have been killed just seven miles from the Scottish Parliament, and its body dumped in the North Sea. The eagle, named Fred, hatched at a nest site in the Scottish Borders in 2017, and was the offspring of the only breeding pair in the region. The bird was satellite-tagged in June in a project involving TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham and Dr Ruth Tingay of Raptor Persecution UK. It was hoped the protected raptor would go on to increase the vulnerable breeding population in the Borders, but it disappeared last month in suspicious circumstances in the Pentland Hills. Its tag “suddenly and inexplicably stopped” on January 21, only to resume transmissions three days later when the raptor’s GPS location was shown to be in the North Sea, 10 miles offshore from St Andrews. Campaigner Packham yesterday described the loss as “shocking” and expressed fears for the reintroduction of the species to the south of Scotland. He said: “Once again, we have the suspicious disappearance of a satellite-tagged golden eagle in an area managed for driven grouse shooting. “What’s truly shocking about this case is that it didn’t take place in a remote Highland glen miles from anywhere, but it happened within a stone’s throw of Edinburgh, right under the noses of the Scottish Government.” Dr Tingay said: “It is beyond doubt that Fred’s disappearance is highly suspicious. Golden eagles don’t generally fly out for miles over large bodies of sea water but even if Fred had done so, apart from defying everything we’ve learned about Scottish golden eagle behaviour, we would have seen excellent tracking data plotting his route given the reliability of his tag.”