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Something shady in John’s garden?

May 4 2019

Choosing plants for the garden is usually fairly simple for most areas, but there is always an awkward corner in deep shade from buildings, trees, hedges or fences. These areas can still be made very attractive provided you choose the right plants. Some plants like dry shady areas and others prefer it moist, so do some research before buying in plants. Prepare the ground by digging over, removing big stones and add some planting compost ahead of planting.


Spring is in the air in John’s garden

May 11 2019

In my early training years to become a gardener we were taught how to garden by the book. There was a good practise guide for all crops and if you followed it precisely you would get exhibition standard results.


Berry good time for saskatoons!

April 13 2019

Saskatoons which are also known as Juneberries are relatively unknown in UK and as yet not grown commercially for fruit although a few nurseries stock them for sale to the public.