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IN PICTURES: Stirling Bull Sales

May 7 2019

This year’s May Stirling Bull sales took place on Sunday 5 May and Monday 6 May. 242 pedigree bulls and females across nine breeds including Charolais, Simmental and Aberdeen-Angus were presented for sale. The Stirling Bull sale will take place again in October 2019.    


IN PICTURES: The annual ‘Fastern’s E’en Hand Ba’ event

February 7 2019

The annual 'Fastern’s E'en Hand Ba' event on Jedburgh's High Street in the Scottish Borders. The annual event, which started in the 1700's, traditionally the first ever game was played with an Englishman's head, involves two teams, the Uppies (residents from the higher part of Jedburgh) and the Doonies (residents from the lower part of Jedburgh) getting the ball to either the top or bottom of the town. The ball, which is made of leather, stuffed with straw and decorated with ribbons representing hair, is thrown into the crowd to begin the game.