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The time for tomato growing is ripe

March 11 2017

Tomato growing has always been one of the gardening challenges with great rewards when you pick that first fruit fully ripened on the bush, and then followed by loads more as the season progresses. Summer salads would never be complete without some home grown tomatoes.


Review of the soft fruit season

October 8 2016

The crops have now all been harvested, apart from some blackberries, autumn fruiting raspberries, and perpetual fruiting strawberries, so it is a good time to recall how they performed so we can plan next years fruit season.


Scottish grown grapes

November 12 2016

The chance of success with growing grapes outdoors in Scotland is down to a range of factors, such as choosing varieties that will ripen fruit in a cooler climate, selection of a sheltered and warmer usually south facing site, and good growing husbandry.


Bedding down for summer

August 13 2016

Every year has a different story to tell in the garden as no two years are alike, and one year’s climate can affect plants over several years.