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Robert McNeil

Reading on the Plateau of Bewilderment

November 26 2016

As Book Week Scotland ends tomorrow, my mind turns to lofty thoughts. Then, feeling uncomfortable at that altitude, it descends back to the usual plateau of bewilderment. Great name for a geographical feature on Mars: the Plateau of Bewilderment.


Island that loves you and mocks you

October 22 2016

Improperly shod, I plodded along the shore. Apologies for the slight echo of Evelyn Waugh’s parody of a naturalist’s prose (“Feather-footed through the plashy fen passes the questing vole”).

Robert McNeil

When it comes to simple pleasures, watch the birdie

January 21 2017

Having changed my office for the dining-room – where no one ever dines – and having moved the bird-feeder nearer the house, I see more of my little, feathered friends, who love me in the same way a beautiful, young woman loves a rich, old man.

Robert McNeil

Strange goings on in the countryside

April 29 2017

Strange things happen in the countryside. It’s not necessarily a place that I recommend, and I deplore the smugness of rural supremacists. Self-mythologising is, in my view, a deadly sin.

Robert McNeil

Getting that kilty feeling…

October 8 2016

In other news, the American author Diana Gabaldon has revealed that her best-selling Outlander books were inspired by seeing a Dr Who character wearing a kilt.