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Collectors' Corner

Pattern book tells a story

August 26 2017

IN THE years of writing this column I have never come across a pattern book from a Dundee textile manufacturer. Perhaps they were not required for ‘out-of-sight’ jute products, such as sacking, bagging and carpet backing, and possibly the linen lords, like Baxter Brothers, who preceded the jute barons, felt their exports spoke for themselves.

Collectors' Corner

A scarf crafted by a queen

August 19 2017

I LEFT a modest and ultimately successful bid for a Perth item in the July 26 sale at Spink’s in London. It would be repeating an earlier column if I showed it here, so illustrated from the same auction is an unusual survivor from the Boer War.

Collectors' Corner

First World War items stir poignant memories

August 12 2017

ONE ROLE I proudly fulfil is helping with the Great War Dundee project, an umbrella group of organisations which includes archives, libraries, universities, historic groups, private companies and visitor attractions. You may recall some of our events, such as the Loos centenary concert in the Caird Hall in 2015.

Collectors' Corner

Rare fan causes a flap

July 22 2017

ADAM DUNCAN is a significant figure in Dundee history – and many believe his role in the wider history of the British Isles has been played down, partly due to the infatuation with Horatio Nelson of column fame – though not this one.

Collectors' Corner

Rare Aston Martin drives a hard bargain

July 1 2017

I’VE OWNED a few oddball cars in recent times – including a Morris from the 1930s, an Austin from the 50s and a basketcase from the 1970s, but never anything as grand, historic or famous as the four-wheel thunderbolt in today’s illustration.