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Horses for courses

October 7 2017

Model and student Eleanor Gudgin’s real passion is eventing with her horse, as Gayle Ritchie discovers


Castle hunting in Fife

September 16 2017

You won’t find David Weinczok hanging out at many luxury castles – ruins are more up his street. Gayle hooks up with the self-styled “castle hunter” in Fife as he visits his 288th building


The magic of the summer harvest

September 9 2017

As the summer harvest gets into full swing, combines can be seen tearing through bumper crops of ripe wheat, barley and oats across the country. Gayle Ritchie explores harvesting through the ages...


Running for fun in St Andrews

September 9 2017

Impressive medieval ruins, idyllic white sands, a world famous golf course, and Scotland's oldest university are just some of the highlights on a newly launched running tour of St Andrews. Gayle Ritchie pulls on her lycra and checks it out...


Busting some moves with parkour

August 26 2017

Parkour involves running, climbing, swinging, jumping, rolling and vaulting across “urban furniture”. Gayle Ritchie meets two Dundee lads proving their parkour prowess...