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Blazing Saddles

I like to ride my bicycle…

May 27 2017

When I run a school cycling session I always start the session with a bike safety “M” check – the systematic check follows the line of an “M” from the front wheel to the back.

Blazing Saddles

The female cyclist who wouldn’t take no for an answer

April 29 2017

I have written before about the lack of representation of women cyclists in the media. Professional cycling, and road racing in particular, is no better in its attitude to women's cycling. The women’s equivalent of races such as the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia are haphazard and under-supported by media, sponsorship and by cycling’s governing body, the UCI. Just this year the women’s Tour de France has been cancelled due to race scheduling conflicts.

Blazing Saddles

What’s in a name: the serious side of cycling

April 22 2017

The differences between mountain bikers and road cyclists are many. For a start, the nouns “biker” and “cyclist” tend to fit more with mountain and road respectively – after all, it’s not often, if at all, you hear of “mountain cyclists”.

Blazing Saddles

The future of cycling has youth on its side

April 8 2017

The Youth Tour of Scotland road race returns to Perthshire this weekend for its sixth year. The event is based at Strathallan School and gives young riders a rare opportunity to compete over four stages competing with the best youth riders from across the UK.

Blazing Saddles

Climb every mountain

March 18 2017

Part of the fun – quite a big part to be honest – of riding a bike is going downhill. But cycling is an activity that demands payment in effort and sweat before it relinquishes the pleasures of gravity. There are of course ways to cheat the burden of gradient by getting a vehicle to take you to the top, but then as my teachers at school were very fond of saying: “You would only be cheating yourself”.

Blazing Saddles

Sibling rivalry on the road

February 18 2017

It’s no surprise that my children have become keen cyclists. It’s not something I’ve forced them into, it’s just something we do individually and as a family. Just as some families go skiing, or walking, or shopping at the weekend, we cycle.