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Restaurant Reviews

Howie’s Bistro, Dunkeld (38/50)

November 18 2017

Apparently, we should never judge a book by its cover. Why then do publishers pay people large sums of money to design them? Why aren't all book covers just plain with the title printed in Times New Roman?

Restaurant Reviews

Cafe Circa, Abernyte (41/50)

November 16 2017

When I'm home with my grandparents or Christmas decoration shopping with my mum, then lunch in a garden centre or the like feels cosy and fitting. Good cake, a jacket potato and a decent coffee and everyone's happy.

Restaurant Reviews

The Pine Cone Cafe (41/50)

November 11 2017

Well, the clocks have fallen back, Halloween and bonfire weekend have been and gone.  Does this mean that we can now look ahead to the big one, the royal icing on the perfectly marzipanned cake?

Restaurant Reviews

The Adamson, St Andrews (40/50)

November 4 2017

This great country is winning awards for food left, right and centre - and deservedly so. Up and coming chefs are being crowned competition champions and setting out on new culinary adventures and Scotland alone has 12 Michelin-starred restaurants under its belt.

Restaurant Reviews

The Kenmore Hotel, Kenmore, Perthshire (38/50)

October 28 2017

There is such an extraordinary wealth of of historical monuments and beauty spots in Scotland that it would be perfectly plausible to spend a lifetime visiting them and never need to leave this great country at all. This week, I visited a village in Perthshire that is so beautiful, Robert Burns himself wrote a poem about it which can still be seen today, inscribed directly on to the wall of the bar by the man himself.

Restaurant Reviews

Tahini, Dundee (41/50)

October 14 2017

We all have so much choice when it comes to food. Shall we eat in or out? Where shall we eat? What shall we choose? How would we like that cooked? Would we like any side orders with that? This week, we did choose to eat at Tahini, but aside from that, the decisions were taken out of our hands and it made a really refreshing change.

Restaurant Reviews

The Cafe at The Crieff Food Co (41/50)

October 7 2017

As consumers, we are constantly being reminded that we should "shop local".  This is clearly not always possible as my daughter is partial to a banana which I can't source from this continent, and I admit I'm rather fond a Chilean Merlot. Having said that, Scotland is bursting full of the most outstanding produce, and The Crieff Food Co has recently opened to showcase Perthshire's finest.