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Perth & Kinross

Crash causes delays on A9 at Dunning

June 16 2018

Traffic heading north on the A9 is delayed following a crash near Dunning in Perthshire. Nobody was injured in the collision, which happened at around 1pm on Saturday. The road remains open in both directions but northbound motorists are advised to approach with caution while debris is cleared and the central barrier is repaired.

Nature Watch

Going cuckoo

June 16 2018

Warm breeze against evening sky, gently caressing the rolling Perthshire hills. But the soft rush of wind is soon broken by an almost hypnotic call – ‘coo-koo, coo-koo, coo-koo’ – a sound that seems to penetrate every fold and gully of the hillside.

Motoring news

The Skoda that is literally bombproof

June 16 2018

Armoured limos are so dreadfully flashy, aren't they? Watch any world leader in their armoured transport and it's likely to be something premium - the Mercedes S-Class is a favourite worldwide.