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Homing in on the wine industry

November 4 2017

In early youth, once you are old enough to sample a wee bit of alcohol you go over a threshold with a new experience that stays with you, but is forever changing as life evolves.


The time for tomato growing is ripe

March 11 2017

Tomato growing has always been one of the gardening challenges with great rewards when you pick that first fruit fully ripened on the bush, and then followed by loads more as the season progresses. Summer salads would never be complete without some home grown tomatoes.


Late summer on the plot

September 2 2017

Gardening this summer has become a task to plan ahead to avoid the thunder showers and if the sun is forecast to shine for a few hours we need to be outdoors to bring in the harvest.


Late spring garden update

April 29 2017

This must be the driest April for a long time. Scotland gets rain in the west, and the north, but seems to miss the Tayside region.


Looking ahead into 2018

January 6 2018

Gardening and information technology have one thing in common, that both move forward as new ideas emerge, though in gardening the pace of change may be just a wee bit slower.


Harvest home continues for John Stoa

August 19 2017

A couple of weeks ago any surplus fruit and vegetables from the allotment plot found a good home at our City Road Allotments open day. We had a fantastic day, people turned up in droves and most of us had a complete sell out with visitors having a great time exploring our plots, along with plenty of activities to amuse the kids.


Time to relax at Christmas

December 23 2017

The festive season is well under way with Christmas just a few days away, but the keen gardener finds it hard to hang up the spade, put away the secateurs and relax, as there is always just one wee job needing attention.


Time to plan next year’s strawberries

October 7 2017

Strawberry growing has always been a mixture of producing a very healthy and tasty fruit and rising to the challenge of growing them big, disease free, and over as long a season as possible.