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Blazing Saddles

Wheels are the way to go for Scot

August 19 2017

When I was younger I was in the school swimming team and played in goal for our hockey team, but cycling has always been my sport. I have always gone hillwalking, but for me that is definitely not a sport and more something that I enjoy doing. I don’t obsess over it the way I do about cycling.

Blazing Saddles

What goes up must come down – fast!

August 5 2017

I looked at the computer on my handlebars. I was hitting 52 mph. I crouched down on my bike a little more, but I couldn’t edge out any more speed. My fingers were off the brakes and I was out of gears to pedal any faster.

Blazing Saddles

Find the perfect pedalling podcast for you

July 29 2017

Podcasting has been around for a number of years now. The nascent technology that allows audio content to be recorded, serialised and put online for a potential audience to download on to their various smartphones and other devices first came into prominence around 2003, but it was with the advent of the iPod shuffle that the media form really started to take off.

Blazing Saddles

A monster of a climb for cyclists

July 15 2017

Stage 17 of the 2017 Tour de France on Wednesday July 19 will take the riders on an epic 183km journey from La Mure to Serre-Chevalier. It is the first of two big Alpine stages in this year’s race (the other is the following day with the stage from Briançon to the Col d’Izoard) and will shake up the general classification as riders head over the giants of the Croix de Fer and the Col du Galibier.

Blazing Saddles

A cyclist’s tribulations and time trials

July 1 2017

The Tour de France (TdF) starts today in Düsseldorf with a 14km time-trial on the banks of the Rhine. This short course is almost completely flat and will organise the race standings for the next flat road race stage and decide the first wearer of the Yellow Jersey for 2017.

Blazing Saddles

Electric bikes take the hard work out of cycling

June 10 2017

Sitting in a café last week, mid-ride, the owner asked how far we were cycling today. I replied nonchalantly: “60 miles”. She smiled and said she could never cycle that far. When I told her she would be surprised how far she could actually cycle if she built up to it to, she replied that she had thought about getting an electric bike (e-bike), but hadn’t pursued this as she thought it was cheating.